August 18, 2005

What are your MUST HAVES?

What are those items that you MUST HAVE or else your world just isn't complete? You buy in bulk to make sure you don't run out? You have to do all the time to make you feel good? ETC

I'll start.... My eyes are extremely light sensitive. So I must have to have a pair of sun shades with me during the day. I Keep a spare pair in my glove compartment in case I forget to grab a pair from in my room.

I must have chapstick and lip gloss!!! I can't live with out them. I carry them with me all day. I can't stand the feeling of dry unglossed lips. I buy them 3-5 at a time to ensure I have them with me.

I must have a wide teeth comb with me at all times. My hair gets all snarly and I cant stand what the heat and humidity does to it.

I cant live without my cell phone. I must have my Nails done. I feel so imcomplete with out them done.

I must have scented hand lotion. When I was younger I would never wash my hands when I was out, because I had no lotion and I hated the feeling of dry hands. So now I make sure to have hand lotion with me.

I have to drink tea in the morning and sometimes at night. (My BF got me in this habit) It keeps my stomach calm and it keeps me awake.

I have to take my vitamins: Multi, E, C, and Calcium every day.

What are your MUST HAVES?

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