September 15, 2005


Have you noticed how much I love Baldo Comics? How couldn't I? The author uses the comics to depict deeper meanings all the time.

Gracie is the cutest little thing with so much innocence and the author of this strip puts so much intellect into this character that the actual essence comes from within the strip in a very youthful way. She is my favorite.
How cute! What I love about this one is the truth in it. Of course she knows the actual Spanish word for Love, but the amount of Love her Aunt gives her is so immense that you could use her name in place of the word Love and it would have the same significance.
Don't we all need friends like Nora? Throughout Baldo history this analogy of Nora pushing Gracie on the swing has prevailed. For those **Empty Novels out there, as cute as Gracie may seem by saying "Nora is the kind of friend that keeps pushing me to greater heights" and then her vision of Nora pushing her on the swing--that is NOT what the author is refering to. It's so much more then that. Think of the deeper meaning.
Gracie for PRESIDENT! (I'm positive she could do much better then Bush)
** The term "Empty Novel" refers to an older BLOG! post I made. If you have no clue what I mean, please go back to my August archive and read that post--it's really interesting.

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