September 12, 2005

Fulfiliing a Request

A visitor of my BLOG! asked of me something very small. He said "Can you put more pics up?" He didn't know he was asking the camera queen. LOL. I am ONE with the camera.

Here are some photos of me!

This was this week in my dorm room on my campus (University of Rhode Island)

This is a close up, obviously.

Look into my eyes....

tell me what you see.

This is my girls and I at our Colleges Football game on Saturday Sept. 3, 2005. Guess which one is me?

URI vs Fordham


Yea Rhody!

This is an older photo, not too old though, just not as recent as the others..

It was just this summer


Jamu said...

JenellyBean, this is Jamu. Remember me, the hip hop violinist? How are you? Im busy working, networking, trying to do shows. I want you to do me a favor. Can you put your review of my performance at Punch Lounge on my website but use my stage name "JAMU" instead of government name. I am at I would appreciate it. I want to build a fan base and you are my first one. If you can, thank you.

Cahf_cl said...

Good Pictures, now your words have a face :D

Anonymous said...

aww damn why yall ask that girl about pictures! she got pics for DAYZ!!!! lol

JenellyBean said...

Leave me alone Dappa.

angeleyes said...

cute!!! too cute for blogger!!! ;)

JenellyBean said...

Oh whatever Laura!
If that's the case--what the HE** are you doing on here!

Croft said...

Good.......Very good


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