September 29, 2005

JenellyBean: The Philosopher

"It is better to suffer from evil then to commit it." --Socrates

How do you feel about this?
Would you give up your life if committing an evil was put upon you?

I.E.(that is to say) If someone said "Kill him or I'll kill you" could you give up your own life, "suffer an evil", so that you are not a "committer of evil"?

I could.


blackcaesar said...

self preservation should always be primary. one should always desire to preserve ones own like at any cost. there are not to many causes that are demending sacrifice of life that people deal with on a day to day basis, unless, of course, you are a soldier. them it is your duty to kill or be killed. in addition, there are some people that i would die for or kill for even, my daughter being one of them.

JenellyBean said...

So you are saying, in this case, you would kill another to save your own life? You'd commit an evil to self persevere? At any cost? Taking any action possible and available no matter how extreme? You feel it is better to risk the lives of multitudes to save your own?

If this is what you are saying I disagree with you Black.

I believe one should never commit an evil.

There is no reason to fear death. On the other side you shall seek the most fruitful life and rid yourself of all the evils on Earth. All your days will be merry and your existence is angelic....

Why would someone fear that to live in this evil and corrupt Earth?


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