September 28, 2005

JenellyBean: The R&B Lover

I can't get enough of these two women...

Emancipation of Mimi

1 It's Like That
2 We Belong Together
3 Shake It Off
4 Mine Again
5 Say Somethin'
6 Stay the Night

7 Get Your Number
8 One and Only
9 Circles
10 Your Girl
11 I Wish You Knew
12 To the Floor
13 Joy Ride
14 Fly Like a Bird

Free Yourself

1 Ain't Gon' Beg You
2 Free Yourself
3 Truth Is
4 Selfish (I Want U 2 Myself)
5 Summertime
6 Baby Mama
7 Got Me Waiting
8 It's All Good
9 Good Lovin'
10 Don't Act Right
11 You Were Always on My Mind
12 This Is Me
13 I Believe

BOLD= Personal Favorites


angeleyes said...

they are two extremely talented individuals with beautiful voices. IN MY PERSONAL OPINION,Fantasia is the best thing that happened to American Idol!!

lyre said...

I feel Mariah but Fantasia screams to much for my tastes.

JenellyBean said...


And Mariah doesn't?

Come on Beryl... everyone knows Mariah LOVES to scream. And she always has to be dramatic about it--holding her ear closed and slumping over like she's about to fall.



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