October 10, 2005

Congratulations Cuz!

This Saturday my cousin was united in a holy matrimony to a very handsome young man. I wish them the best of luck!

Guess what?

I caught the bouquet! Had to be Princess right?

You know what happnes when you catch the bouquet right?

The fellow that catches the garter has to put it on your leg!

This was one of the most exciting moments of my life...LOL.
I'm at this wedding with all of my family, my mother included, and this man is putting a garter up my 20 yr old leg.
The MC kept telling the guy to go "Higher and higher" and I scream "NO, my Mother's here!" and everyone started laughing. It was hilarious. (Can't you tell?)

I also spent time with my cousins that I haven't seen in almost forever.
I don't know how many of you have been to an African wedding, but it is just soo much fun.
They don't know when to end the damn reception!
I had to run out of there at 12 midnight---Yes, 12 MIDNIGHT!
And my cousin had the nerve to try to force me to stay longer then that. I was ready to be missed by 10 pm. There was no need for me to stay any longer.
I was at the wedding an hour before the bridal party decided they wanted to arrive, I was at the reception for the introduction of the bridal party; the family speeches; the blessing of the meal; the meal; the brides dance with her father; the grooms dance with his mother; the bride and grooms first dance; the dancing in between; the African Congo Line; dessert; the washing of money on the bride; the chit chatting with all the relatives you haven't seen in forever and all of the relatives you didn't even know you had; the bar; the kids running around--I WAS EXHAUSTED! I had to leave at 12, there was no reason to stay anylonger.

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angeleyes said...

weddings are always fun arent they. :)


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