October 25, 2005

Ladies Night II

Oh yes it's Ladies Night and the feeling's right
Oh yes it's Ladies Night oh what a night
Oh yes it's Ladies Night and the feeling's right
Oh yes it's Ladies Night oh what a night

This past weekend some of my girls and I went to NY. (From Left to Right: Gloria, Georgina, Noadia, Me)The original reason why we even decided to go to New York was for the LSAC Law Forum they were having at the Hilton Hotel in Manhattan. Somehow this reason was put on the back burner quickly.

We left campus around 5 pm on Saturday and arrived at my hous around 9'ish.

Saturday was my girl Tai's 23rd Birthday and we all went out with her to celebrate her day.


We went to club Temple in Manhattan on Brodway and 8th.
It was real nice
We had sooo much fun.

During the course of the night one of my girls starting having serious menstrual cramps and I felt so bad for her, but she still enjoyed herself. Through all the pain and strife she was bagging numbers up until right before we left the club. We were literally walking out the club and she's giving her number out. You go girl!

My girl Georgina, went to the club single and left with a husband! This guy was all into her and practically spent from 1:30am-3:30am by her side. He was a bouncer of the club and just fell in love with Gina. He danced with only her, bought her a drink, took her to a more secluded part of the club so they could talk, and brings her back to us hand in hand. It was cute and FUNNNAY!

My other girl Noadia, went to the club single and got engaged. This one dude she was dancing with got attached real quick. He was grilling brothers down who would look at her--talk about nutz!

My Coco Puff joined us at the club and towards the end when my girls were all hitched and what I not, I left them and went downstairs and my man and I got our dance on together. I was really freaking him in the club.
Don't get me wrong, when I go to the club I'm all about the dancing. I've mentioned before that I hate going to the club with people who don't dance, but we were doing some dirty dancing.
I don't think you understand.
I was bent over
hands touching the floor
Grinding and whining real hard
I was dropping it like it was hot
Dipping it low
and Bringing it up slow!
Yes, I was doing some serious dancing. LOL

He was looking so good too! Hadn't seen him in a week and was very happy that he joined us.

We went to bed at like 7 am and then woke up around 12 pm to get ready for the Law Forum and guess what I did??!?!


I could've jumped through the roof, but where theres a will there's a way. I went to my favorite clothing store, NY&Co and got an outfit to wear.

I dropped 2 of my girls off in Brooklyn to do some shopping and Gina and I drove to Manhattan to attend the Law Forum.

When all was said and done we were on our way back to Rhode Island.

It was great!!


angeleyes said...

yeahhhhhh sexy mamas!!!! Y'all are tearin it up!!! Now thats what I'm talkin about!! :)

Anonymous said...

I atill got love for you shawty. I just have been mad busy lately. Still mad you are not mine.evrytime isse that pics of you and your man,i get jealous. he dont deserve you. Holla

- you know who this is


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