October 30, 2005

Our thoughts were cohesive

Last night my Coco Puff and I vibed on a really deep level.

I mean, we finally understood eachother on a certain topic that has been up for debate for a while. It felt so good to finally have clarity and come to terms with the situation.

We now agree

"In order to have something you've never had, you have to be willing to dosomething you've never done."

Love is new to him

He loves me


Jamie said...

hey... i must be white...

is vibing a good thing?

JenellyBean said...


You are too much, I promise.

Oh yesss... vibing is a great thing.

The definition of the word vibe is:
"a distinctive emotional atmosphere"

When you and someone vibe, the two of you have reached a deep level through conversation or emotions that is very uncommon to either one of you.

You feel understood, refreshed, no questions necessary, the two of you understand eachother perfectly. Noone else could understand the two of you in the way that you two just did, because they weren't a part of the vibe.

Ooooh Weee!

Vibing is better then sex!
Anyday anytime... always.

Jamie said...

I guess so... I don't think anything beats good sex though. The kind of sex you have when you are in love and you aren't just touching bodies but it includes the soul but then i guess that would be a vibe in and of itself ey?!

i'm happy for you and your man!


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