November 6, 2005

Breast Milk 4 SALE

I read this article about women selling their breast milkover the internet to mothers who can't produce or don't produce enough breast milk
Here's a quick peek

NEWARK, Del. -- Buying a woman's breast milk via the Internet may seem
far-fetched, but it isn't an unusual transaction.

WBAL-TV in Baltimore discovered mothers selling their breast milk -- often for a hefty price. In many cases, transactions require only half of the payment up front, and some sellers even accept credit cards.

Some states ban such sales by law -- but not Maryland. The television station asked Amy and Brandon Redmond why they were selling breast milk.
"Some women can't produce breast milk, and I had a lot of excess," Amy Redmond said. "I thought it would be beneficial."

That is disgusting!

I can understand someone selling their breast milk
Everyone has their own hussle--right?
But I don't understand how a mother would consider buying breast milk over the internet for her child.

Do you know how dangerous this is?
There is blood in breast milk and because there is no screening of internet breast milk like that purchased at a milk bank you put your child at risk of deadly diseases such as HIV.

Why can't they just purchase baby formula?

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