November 9, 2005

Chain Letter

I got this lesson in a chain letter today
It's real deep.
Funny how something so real will be ignored because it's masked in a chain letter
Don't ever leave the one you love for the one you like, because the one you like will leave you for the one they love.


Unconquerable Soul said...

those are profound words! I lived them!

bohemian said...

Actually, even the first seven words are also very deep if you read them carefully: Don't ever leave the one you love... for whatever is the reason.

JenellyBean said...

Unconquerable Soul...
Hey Brotha nice of you to join me.
So you've lived those words huh, why'd you leave the one you love?

Hello my Bohemian brother...
Welcome welcome welcome I'll make sure to check you out.

What you said is so true, but at the same time it can be so wrong.
See the word EVER in "Don't ever" really bothers me...

Not every situation where you love someone are they deserving of your love. And in those situations when they aren't deserving of your love would you say a person should stay because they love them?

I say leave.

If you love him (him in the general sense of he, meaning he or she) and he beats you--LEAVE HIM!

If you love him and he cheats on you--LEAVE HIM!

If you love him and he doesn't love the lord and is not willing to--LEAVE HIM!

If you love him and he disrespects his mother--LEAVE HIM!

If you love him and he disrespects you as his woman--LEAVE HIM!

Your love for a person should never hold you hostage.

You smell me?

bohemian said...

I do... JenellyBean... I do. I do understand what you mean. There is no point in loving a man or a woman who doesn't respect you as a person. And someone going to the extent of beating someone is just not acceptable even as a proper human behavior, deserving love can be a very far off thing for that person.

Just that when I read your post the keyword for me was 'love'. I can never understand why things like disrepect, insensitive, distrust, cheating etc. can make their way into something so pure as love and push you out of it.

JenellyBean said...

Yea, that boggles me too.
I've been in that situation not too long ago, where I was with someone who LOVED me, but LIKED too many others :-P

I laugh about it, because it was a good lesson. It helped me grow.
In his case, he didn't leave the one he loved (me) for the ones he liked (other women), but him liking them caused me to leave him.
Yea, i LOVED him, but he had to go.

bohemian said...

One thing I have learned is that you can find love easily, but it is a very tedious exercise to keep that love. If a man doesn't respect your love for him, he will lose it. And for a man, to respect a woman's love, he has to control his lecherous behavior towards other women. You are right, 'he had to go.' He had to lose your love... his loss... :-)

JenellyBean said...

Yes, he did. He had to go.

You are right, it is much harder to keep that love that you found.

But I can't stand when my nubian sisters are fearful of losing the love they have. As I stated before, your love for a person should never hold you hostage.

We all know when things aren't right, so why do we stay? I stayed for 2 yrs after the first sign.

Sister Iyanla Vanzant says "Knowledge is having information. Wisdom is knowing what to do with the information you have."

I feel her on so many levels... Many of the challenges people face in their lives arise not because we do not know to do, but as a result of our failure to listen to what we know. Why are we so disobedient to ourselves?


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