November 14, 2005

A Good Friend

As you all know I'm a Baldo fan...

Gracie is sooo cute!

Nora is soo lucky
Not many of us have good friends like Gracie.

Someone I thought was a best friend to me hasn't called me in 2 months.

Yesterday I heard through the grape vine that she hasn't called me because I didn't go out with her the day of her birthday and never called her to tell her what happened.

Funny thing is, on the day OF her birthday we spoke.
I wished her a happy birthday and she told me of the plans for the night. She wanted to hit up this Reggae spot.
I live almost an hour from her.
I told her to call me an hour before she was ready to go out so I could meet up with her and the rest of the crew and then we could all drive to the club.
I didn't know where the club was.

She never called.

I called her to ask what was going on b/c I was ready to drive up there.

She never returned the call.

A few days later we spoke.
In this convo we spoke nothing of her birthday.
We were both excited about going to Brooklyn for the West Indian Parade.

She drove up the day before me with some of her friends. I drove up Juve morning with my girl, we got to Brooklyn at around 3 am. Had some fun at Juve and then drove to my house on Staten Island at around 7am.

The next morning, the day of the parade, my best friend and I speak.
We made plans to meet up on Eastern PKWY and everything.

I never saw her.

I called and left her, while my girl and I were at the parade, and I left a message

She never returned the call.

Since Labor day I have not known of her whereabouts and then I hear this?

Oh Please, give me a break.

A friend wouldn't act like this.

This is why I never hang in cliques. I don't have time for all the associated madness. I have a bunch of friends, but noone ever seems me with the same person all the time.
I have my girls I can talk to about my problems
I have my girls that I can never tell my business too
I have my girls that I go to the club with
I have my girls I'll never take to the club
I have my girls that I travel with
I have my girls that will never come through
I have my girls that I see everyday, but never call
I have my girls I never see, but talk to them everyday
I have a girl for the beach, the snow, the rain, and the sunshine.


Princess is her own person.
My best friend is GOD


Georgiapeach said...

I am the kind of friend that does not sweat the small stuff. Things like not showing up for my b-day and things like that don't get an arousal out of me.

lyre said...

Give her a break and don't judge based on what someone else says. yes god will be ther for you but know that he sometimes sends others as his messenger. Just be there if she calls.

Unconquerable Soul said...

well ahlright sista! it took me a long time to realize that friends aren't everything... from my old blog, people told me that you should have friends for different reasons.. I took their advice and it has been working out.. but in the end i know my best friend is GOD... KEEP ON PUSHIN'

Ruben said...

See I knew I wasn't the only adult into cartoons:)

chele said...

I've had the same best friend for more than 25 years because we are both low maintenance ... we live in different states, we don't speak everyday but if something goes down we're there for each other -- no questions asked.

Clay said...

ive never heard of that comic strip - i need to check it out ...

JenellyBean said...

Yes Mother Beryl...
I will be there for her if she calls. I've been a great friend to her. I deserve more then this. Even if the grapevine from which I heard why she's mad is a lie--which it's not, because the grapevine had no clue we weren't talking and just asked her (my bestfriend) how I was doing--why hasn't she called me? 2 months? Best friends? We talk at least twice a week. We would do lot's of things together.


bohemian said...

So what if she doesn't call you,
Let it go now as you have to,
So what if the rumours are true,
Why should they keep you in blue.
When you know God is on your side,
Isn't that enough to keep your pride,
A friendship that no one can divide,
Just let Him be your eternal guide.
But if those thoughts still bother,
Then listen to what says this brother,
Just pick up the phone and call her,
Talk it out and close the chapter.

JenellyBean said...

"Just pick up the phone and call her,"

I'm prideful Brother Bohemian and the Bible speaks against this....


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