November 12, 2005

The Inconvenient Convenience

Funny how something like a car can be sooo convenient and at the same time be inconveniencing.

My car takes me everywhere
I drive from my campus in RI all the way home to Staten Island, NY in my car
I've drove ALL OVER New York in my car
I drive from my campus in RI all the way home to Woonsocket, RI in my car.
I've drove ALL OVER Rhode Island in my car
I drive through Connecticut in my car
I drive through New Jersey in my car
I've drove to Pennsylvania to visit my family in my car
I've drove to Boston, many times, to hang out in my car
I've drove past Boston in my car
I drive to the store
I drive to get my nails done
I drive to go do my community service
I drive to get my mail from home
I drive to go to the club
I drive to go shopping
I drive
I drive
I drive
(reminds me of Maya Angelou--LOL)

What would I do without my car?
It's such a convenience. I don't know how I would do half of the things I have to do if I had to rely on public transportation.
Since the summer my beige 1997 Nissan Sentra has been letting me know that something was wrong.
First, she put her brake light on.
When the light came on I was so confused because as I used my brakes I never felt like there was something wrong. They weren't squeaking and in my opinion there wasn't a slow braking response.
I guess that was only my opinion because when I took the car in to get looked at they said I needed new front brakes immediately.


The mechanic didn't even know how I drove to his shop.
So he changed the brakes.

Then, she put her airbag light on and it kept flashing.
I never had the chance to bring her in get looked at, but I figured, it can't be an emergency because I don't need my airbag until I get into an accident, right?

So, then she puts her brake light on again

What in the world?

I took her in today to see whats up with all these dang lights.
Got my dashboard looking like a Christmas Tree.
As far as the airbags go, they have some sort of malfunction.

The mechanic asked "Have you ever been bumped or bumped something?"

and as far as I'm concerned NO, I HAVEN'T. So why is this light blinking? No one knows.
You know what I wanna know right? "How much to fix it?"
Fortunately I have a warranty on my car and the airbag may be covered, but I won't know until Monday.

In regards to the brake light coming back on my rear brakes are just about done and the cylinder that provides the pressure for my brake calipers to close and release when the brakes are pushed is busted and as a result all of the brake fluid that goes through it is leaking out.
The mechanic says to me
"You had absolutely NO brake fluid in your car. You see this thing? (He points
to the part of my engine where the braking fluid is stored) It was empty. I
filled it. I don't know how you drove here, because without this fluid your
brakes shouldn't have worked! Make sure you check it before you drive until you
get it fixed."

So what I take from all this is that I should be dead by now and if I were to have an accident no airbags would blast out to my [physical] rescue.


So now I am at an inconvenience.
I need new breaks
and I need a new airbag

I find out how much I'll have to pay on Monday.



chele said...

I know what you mean. I hate cars! I honestly believe that I was meant to have a driver. I have actually blown up two engines in my lifetime. Thankfully, I have found out the value of proper car maintenance. I haven't had a problem with my current car since I bought it five years ago.

P. Alonzo Harris Jr. said...

interesting post...

what i take from this is that you are truly blessed and should be praising the name of Jesus... cause if your mechanic was accurate at all, your ability to get to and fro was surely based on the grace of God... i hope everything works out to your favor... im sure they will charge you an arm, leg, and maybe your first-born to make the appropriate repairs....

charmless said...

LMAO, You sound JUST like me a with my last car.. DADDDDDDDDDDDYYYYY ,.... lol...

JenellyBean said...

Dang Chele! TWO engines? yea, you need a driver. :-P Maybe you can get me one too LOL

No problems? 5 yrs? Thats whats up. But my problems are normal wear and tear so shortly but surely I should have expected this.

Oh yes Mr. Harris I know. I am very thankful. You should have seen my face when I heard it the first time! My heart shook when I heard the 2nd time.

As for as the arm and leg thing--Yea, they want my ribs too. $2000!!!

They have to be kidding...

I called up my Uncle Gerald who is a liscenced auto mechanic and he can do it for less then half.
So things are looking aight.


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