November 17, 2005

Matthew 7:7-8

The Bible says:

Matthew 7:7-8
7 Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:8 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened

The Lord has blessed me yet again.

I was selected as 1 of 22 persons originating from a pool of 100 applicants to be an Orientation Leader at my college for the Summer Orientations of 2006!

I feel so blessed.
I was going up against the cream of the crop and I did it.

Thank you Lord



Vamsi said...

So, whats this orientation program all about ???

And congrats.

Freaky Zekey said...

Congrats Nelly!!!! You da WOMAN!!!

bohemian said...

Congratulations, Jenellybean,
I thinks it is in your gene,
To be always on the top,
To be a Princess and a queen.
Well, I feel blessed too,
As a blessed person like you,
Comes often to my blog and
leaves a comment or two.
You see, Lord's blessings are
like a fragrance of a flower,
that spreads across the spaces
and gives smiles to sad faces.

Congratulations again and thanks.

chele said...

Congratulations girl. You deserve it. So many people miss the simplicity of this scripture: Ask and it shall be given.

JenellyBean said...

Hello Vamsi...
Nice of you to visit.

An orientation is a two day session where the incoming freshmen students that have decided to attend my university come and stay on campus. While they are here for those two days, they are under the supervision of an Orientation Leader.

The students will have the opportunity to meet and work with other students in their major, as well as their faculty academic advisor. They will register for the courses they will take during their first semester in college.

They will learn of all the facilities and services available on my campus, all of the extracurricular activities, and a bunch of other things.

JenellyBean said...

Thanks Peebs!

Thanks for the Wonderful Poem Brother Bohemian!
"I thinks it is in your gene,
To be always on the top,
To be a Princess and a queen"

That is very nice.
I'm gonna save this poem forever and ever
*smiling with glee*

No thank you!

Hey sister Chele...
They really do forget it "for everyone that asketh receiveth"

Tre said...

Congrats girl. God will continue to bless you.

Groove said...

Yayyyyyy Congrats to you! I Live, and Love those Bible versus gurl. I am sorry I haven't been around much, But I have finally added your beautiful blog to my list...Yayyyyy.

Have a Groovey weekend.

JenellyBean said...

Thanks Tre--I will be obedient also.

Hey Sister Groove...
Your presence is always welcome whenever you have a moment.
Its a blessing that you live by them.
Thanks for adding me to your list.
You've been on mine for a while *wink*

Georgiapeach said...

Great Job Girl. You go ahead with your bad self. I am jamming to this Angie Stone right now. I feel like we should be dancing and celebrating you new acheivment. Congratulations!!!!!!!

Unconquerable Soul said...

Thank you Jesus! Please continue to do your thing.

Some recently reminded me of that quote on my blog. Seek and you shall find!

Keep on Pushin

Clay said...

congrats - imagine it is the early 90s "go on girl, go on ..."

Ruben said...


JenellyBean said...

Thanks everyone!

I'm so happy and excited.


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