December 28, 2005

Lost in Transition

Hey BLOG family

I've missed you all soooo very much.
Have you missed me at all?

My Christmas was great!

I got lot's of really nice things from my Coco Puff and family.
I drove up to New York on Christmas Eve and my Coco Puff and I spent the night in the hotel together. At sharp 12 o'clock we opened the gifts we got for eachother and I really felt like a Princess. We recorded the unwrapping of the gifts on the mini dv camcorder I got him for Christmas and it was a grand ol' time. I made him a mini Christmas movie featuring his best friend that he hardly gets to see and 2 of his other boys and his homegirl. So after he opened the camcorder I hooked it up to the tv and played the video.
He was very surprised by it and he loved it.
I also got him some mini dv tapes to use in the camcorder, a Best Buy Gift certificate, and my favorite men's cologne--CoolWater by Davidoff.

He got me:

  • 8 books--The Preacher's Son and Player Haters by Carl Weber; PG County and Can't Get Enough by Connie Brisco; The Best Kept Secret, Too Much of a Good Thing and Casting the First Stone by Kimberla Lawson Roby
  • a large leather tote bag to carry my school books and laptop--I have never seen a laptop tote--so this was surprising
  • a whole mess of costume jewelry earings--I love accessorizing.
  • Incanto Perfume by Salvatore Ferragamo
  • a pair of sexy black stiletto knee boots--I wanted these soooo bad!

I hope you all had a great Christmas and I pray God blessed you with all the things you needed this season.
So whatcha get?

I'm sure some of you would like to know where in the world I have been.
Well, I picked up a new job for the season.
I'm an RA (resident assistant) on my campus and we don't get paid during break, b/c obviously we aren't working during break. So I got a job at The Limited and they have been working me. Not that I mind b/c I really do need the hours to pay my car note, but damn!

I was also very busy with finals.
I am happy to say that I earned a 3.6 this semester.
Do you remember that class I was all stressed out over?
Well it was my Cold War Politics course and I earned a C on the midterm and I was very depressed for a little while over it. I was very pleased to find out today that I earned a B- in that course for the semster. I worked my booty off to get a decent grade on the final and that work paid off.
My grades were A, A, B-, A-
Semester GPA = 3.6
Cumulative GPA =3.46

I have 3 more semesters to go and I plan to bring my Cum GPA up to at least a 3.6.
I can do it, but it will be very hard.
But I can do it.
God will guide me.

What else have I been doing?
Did I mention work already?
I really have been working sooo much.

Guess what happend to me?

Someone stole my credit card number and used it online!
I couldn't belive it.
They made one purchase of $10.00 on Christmas eve--this was the test purchase.
Then they made a purchase of $200.00 on Christmas day--this was the real purchase.
Guess what this dumb ass bought?
From a website

I went to the bank and reported the incident and now everything is being taken care of--they deleted my card and froze my account--I'm still in shock.
I don't understand the minds of these criminals.
Unfortunately, b/c it was online it will be difficult to find the person so that he can be incriminated.

Well besides that things have been going great for me!

I miss you all and I'll be checking up on all of you very soon.

buh bye


Stephen Bess said...

Your Christmas sounded really nice! I think that you are going to rock that GPA. You've already claimed it. I am sorry about that credit situation! That's anybodys worst nightmare. Take care Princess. :)

chele said...

Glad you're back. We have some of the same taste in books -- I read Player Haters and PG County and loved them. Congrats on the grades -- keep it up!

Spelangel said...


carl webcer, connie brisco, and kimberla nelson roby are all good writers hope u enjoy them....
sorry to hear about your credit card..someone did that to me a few months ago..and they were in CHINA...i know its frustrating but hang in there...

take care,

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

Hey there!

Congrats on the 3.6!!!!

My Christmas was excellent. I got some close and about $250 in Best Buy gift cards. I plan to get me a new TV for my bedroom with that ;-)

I have not gotten my gifts from my mom and dad yet. Dad’s will be here today (probably money). My sister is bringing it back with her. My mom is still preparing a gift box for me. She has one more thing that she wants to buy tomorrow when she get paid. I’m like better late than never (smile)

I’m glad to hear that you had a wonderful Christmas.

Wishing You Very Happy Holidays!!!

lyre said...

I couldnt be prouder of you! Does cocopuff have a single daddy? (smile)

JenellyBean said...

Thank you brother Stephen...
I will do my best to rock that GPA. I don't know if I've already claimed it though, but it's definately on lay-a-way. LOL

Thanks for your sympathy. This credit card thing is definately a nightmare!

Hey sister Chele...
Ooooh... so that means when I read them you and I will have lot's of things to talk about right?

Thanks for your encouragement.

Hey Sister Spel...
I knew you had to have known of these authors.

They got you too!
What is really going on?
They are sending me all these fake Paypal and eBay emails and thats how they got me.
He/She was in LEBANON
Sons of Bi**ches!

Thank you sister ecstasy...
Sounds like your Christmas was reeeeaaal good to you and it hasn't even ended yet. :-P

Thanks for the holiday wishes and a Happy New Year to you.

Thanks Mama Beryl...
Glad to put a smile on your face.
You looking for Papa Coco Puff?
Well Mama Coco Puff is still around, sorry.

Ruben said...

Hi JenellyBean. I hope that your 2006 will be exciting and prosperous.

JenellyBean said...

Hey Brother Ruben thanks for the wishes and Happy New Year!

blackcaesar said...

happy new year jenelly!!! i know i abrae you often. it is not my intention. anyway, smile. and i did miss you....

JenellyBean said...


What does "abrae" mean? I looked it up and I can't find a definition. Thus I don't understand your statement.

.....wait....did you mean "abrade"? You don't abrade me Black. I enjoy you forcing me to think in other ways and bringing forth things I've never thought about. It allows me to expand my thinking and acquire more knowledge.

Awww you missed me!
That definately put a smile on my face.

TRUTHZ said...

i am glad you are having fun loving someone and that they are loving you back...too bad about the credit card thing...that happened to me abt 5 years ago at work but they made out like banchees...they shopped at Ames and Kmart bought jewelry playstations and the likes and they were on camera so i know who took it but the cops said it was nothing they could do cuz the pic wasn't so great

M-Dubb said...

JenellyBelly (lol):
Hopefully, the way the year ended will give way to a prosperous new year. And don't worry too much about the grades. Worry about the knowledge you got out of the classes. Make sure that's at the forefront. Hell, I graduated with a 2.6 - but the experience was worth more than that of a student with a 4.0!


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