December 6, 2005

They WILL, but they WON'T

I went and got my flu shot today.

might I add.

It didn't hurt at all.
For some reason, I remembered shots hurting.

I mean, they did hurt right?
I remember having to be strapped down to a table during my younger years.
So I know shots have to still hurt.

I also made an appointment to take a FREE HIV test tomorrow @ 10:15.

In two weeks I will have certainty on my HIV status. I'm almost certain that I'm HIV negative.

There was this one time though...


Just joking :-P

My past relationship was broken by...let's just say he wasn't a good boy. That was almost a year and a half ago.
I want to make sure I didn't get caught up in his world of lies.

So how is it that the government will give me a vaccination to protect me from the flu viruses and they will give me a free test to let me know whether or not I've been infected with HIV, but they



Brotha Buck said...

I got my flu shot two days ago and the dang thing still hurts. It didn't hurt at the time, but now...

JenellyBean said...

Hey Brotha Buck....

I had forgotten that I got a flu shot and you know what?

This darn thing started stinging just about 2 hours ago.

I hope it doesn't last for 2 days!

ELH said...

Thanks for stopping by girl ... and you make a good point about the free flu shot and free HIV test ... if worked for Canada, eh?!

Flu shots are on lock in Ohio ... couldn't get one if I tried ... but flu shot or no flu shot, I get one helluva cold every February so I guess I'll just be rollin' with the punches! Nah mean?!

JenellyBean said...

Welcome Sister ELH...
You are very welcome. Don't be a stranger.

On lock? Dang!
Out here everyone is getting one-- FOR FREE!
Well RI is a Heavy BLUE (democratic) State, I dont know about Ohio though.

I hope you don't get too sick hun.

Groove said...

Well Jenelly I am glad you're getting all checked out, and making sure things are up to snuff. I agree, I think your health care should be free, What could be more important than a healthy population right?

Unconquerable Soul said...

Sista, we as black folk in general have a problem taking care of our health. I applaud you gettting tested.. we all do!

fratman1906 said...

It boils down to profit for the healthcare industry. Free health care means reduced income from the government who would control costs. No way will the industry moguls go for that.

Got my free flu shot last week. I still can't look - lol. I am adding your blog to my favorites. Shem hotep.

blackcaesar said...

in my line of work. we recive vaccinations and std tests regularly... it wasn't even until recently that we could even protest vacinations. i always blindly accept.

JenellyBean said...

Hey Sista Groove...
Thanks for being on my side

Thank you unconquerable soul...
Do you think Black people in general have problems taking care of their health, because a majority of them don't have good health coverage or in many cases don't have healthcare at all?

Welcome Brother Frat...
I hear you, but the government would still have to regulate it to a certain extent.
They have to ensure our safety and they would have to make sure that noone is getting below standard coverage.

Yes, it would be reduced in that sense, but I feel the income could be made up in other various sectors, b/c if you have healthy people workers are more available.
If the poor weren't always so sick they could find good work.

Glad you went and got yours for FREE too. I'm still sorry for Sister Elh, who can't get it for free.
I still can't look either :-P

Awww, how sweet of you--I'm honored. People don't usually tell me they've added me, they just do.

Hey Brother Black...
Why would you want to protest taking the vaccinations?

Freaky Zekey said...



ProfessorGQ said...

I hope your test becomes negative, but I advise people not to get flu shots because it gave me the flu for a week last week...thanks for the Mariah video...I loves Mariah!!!

JenellyBean said...

Thanks Peebs...

Hey Professor...
Before you go advising more people to refrain from getting the flu shot keep this in mind.

The flu shot, once adminstered will effect your immune system b/c your body works very hard to fight it off. In doing that, you may come in contact with many different illnesses, as we do on a normal basis anyways. But b/c your body is working so hard to fight off the flu vaccine, it allows for other things to come in. So you may get sick within two weeks of taking the shot. But the vaccine itself does not give you the flu. You would have gotten it anyways.


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