March 5, 2006


I had a deep conversation online with someone from my past and the truth flowed from my mouth like poetry....
It was a rhythm that was sooo smooth that I felt the need to blog it.
The text in blue are the comments from the person in my past. I felt the need to keep some of what the person said in so that the poem would flow.

Although it was a conversation don't read it as a dialogue
Read it
as if it were

You are always concerned with how other women view you
You want her to like you
You want the other one to want you
I am over that
You want the next one to sweat you
I'm over that
You always had it all in me plus more
But u through it all away
Well its too late
I'm in love
You love him like you loved me?
I love him better
I love him for the right reasons
I love him because of how he treats me and makes me feel
And what are the right and wrong reasons?
Loving someone because of longevity is wrong
Loving someone after they disrespect you is wrong
Loving someone that loves you is right
I allowed you to make me small
I allowed you to abuse me
I allowed you to use me
And I loved you through it all
You didn't deserve me
You didn't deserve my love
But I gave it all to you
Thinking it would make you open your eyes
Thinking it would be enough to keep you with me
It wasn't
But I still love you today, foolishly


sweetsable said...

i feel you girl...been guy i had his back somthing was passionate, fast paced and exhausting...and like my girl jill scott said "you were never good for me, and i was never good for you, i just remember what we used to do..."

Stephen Bess said...

Perhaps that feeling will never leave because love leaves a scar. The scar main become less conspicuous with time but it's still there and every once in a while it will ache as a reminder.

Shelly said...


how did you get your "JenellyBean" logo you sign off with to stay that way in the template?? I tried something like that with mine but it doesnt stick

chele said...

"But I still love you ..."

elaborate please.

lyre said...

just let em run across your mind and out your ears. dont waste the thoughts.
Happy birthday again!

Seven said...


"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

Beautiful...I love poetry!

Georgiapeach said...

That was really pretty girl. You are such a mature and lovely young lady.

Georgiapeach said...

That was really pretty girl. You are such a mature and lovely young lady.

angeleyes said...

oh wow!! That was something!! You definately have a way with words!! I absolulately love the way you put it!!

U rock!! Like for real!

blackcaesar said...

i can really relate to your feelings, and you know i dig that style of yours. dont conform. keep it real to your realm. the world will recognize the purity of your essence and exault unto you...

JenellyBean said...

(For those who check back to see if I've left comments...)

I pretty much responded to everyones comments to this dialogue poem via email, unless you don't have an email listed on blogger and if I dont have it in the even that it is not listed.

So please send me your email addy if you did not get a response from me to your comments.

For future notice, whenever I make a blog post that I want to answer to people directly I will email you with my comments.

TRUTHZ said...

can i say yes....yes... yes...speak the truthz...cuz, I feel you have told mine and Luv's story in abt 2 minutes... missed you gurl...

find me on facebook at tweety bird
and you have to tell me how to get that new post notifier..

Anonymous said...

I'm feelin, and this is not a sentimental chick speaking


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