December 13, 2006

Keeping It Healthy Wednesday!


I've been reading the most recent edition of Fitness magazine and there was this one article that had me in amazed and inspired this post.

The Article was titled "Your weight-loss WAKEUP CALL" by Anna Roufos and I must admit, that title is perfect for this article. The article discusses how every pound you shed can lower your risk of various diseases.

If Americans would improve their diets, be more physically active, keep their weight under control (and not smoke), 90 percent of diabetes, 80 percent of heart disease and 60 percent of all cancers could be prevented, " says M.D. David L. Katz

WOW! That alone, makes me want to hit the gym.

Here's what I learned:

LOSING 5 TO 10 pounds will...

Cut your chances of developing Type-2 Diabetes in HALF.
Sidestep muscle strain and pain. For every pound you lose, there's a 4-pound reduction in the load on your knees, which may help prevent osteoarthritis.
Slash your heart disease risk.

LOSING 10 TO 20 pounds will...

Lower your breast cancer risk.
Reduce your chances of developing high blood pressure.
Make yourself happier. When overweight people start a diet and workout program, their mood improves significantly.

LOSING 20 TO 30 pounds will...

Slash your risk of ALL cancers. Not just breast--colon, endometrial, kidney and esophageal cancers too.
Spice up your sex life. When men and women in one study lost 11 percent of their weight, the number of people reporting dissatisfaction with their sex lives (low libido, feeling sexually unattractive) dropped by as much as 50 percent.
Sleep more soundly.

LOSING 0 pounds will...
(that'sif you don't have any weight to drop, then you should focus on maintaining it)

Boost your immunity.
Avoid the health risks of Yo-Yo dieting.
Research suggestts that weight cycling may increase your risk for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and gallbladder disease.

That has to be motivation enough for you to work on Keeping It Healthy.


Stephen Bess said...

This is great info! I was just thinking about my Cardio this morning. I need a program. I'm not completely dissatisfied with my body, but there is definitely room for improvement. Thanks again!

Luke Cage said...

Wayyyy to go miss JB. I'm feeling your "keeping it healthy wednesday" posts. A blog with a little something helpful. Now, how cool is that right? Cya here next week luv...

Wendy said...

You know I have stopped walking outside but I started MYA again. I DO feel better. As always, great post!

fallen angel said...

i soooooo need to get on my fitness kick! my family as the "sugar" trait so i am definitely at risk! i love this idea by the way! keeping it healthy wednesday! ;-)

The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

i agree with you about the fitness and health....THAT'S WHY FITNESS19 GYM IS AROUND THE CORNER FROM MY JOB AND HOME...2 locations within 5 mins.....can't you tell i'm excited


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