February 25, 2007

Sunday Fortune

Save the Boys

WE SAVE our boys by giving them a role model to follow. When our boys have clear role models, they intuitively know how to function when they assume the responsibility of marriage and parenting. But in their generation, there are too many crippled boys who have no idea what it is to be a man.

It is my God-appointed task to ensure that my sons will be ready to lead a family. I must equip them to that end. Little boys are the hope of the next generation. They are the fathers of tomorrow. They must know who they are and what they are to do. They must see their role model in action. That's how they will know what it means to be a male. That puts the ball in my court...and in yours...

It's our job to save the boys. So the question is, how are we going to do that? My boys are eight and five. I've got ten years left with John before he heads out to college, thirteen with Josh. That time is simply gonna fly by. So I must have a pretty clear idea of what I need to teach them during those remaining years. I must ask myself: What do I specifically need to do in order to train them to become leaders of families?

I have five goals for saving my boys. It is my job as their father to model for them the importance of
  • knowing and obeying Jesus Christ,
  • knowing and displaying godly character,
  • knowing and loving my wife,
  • knowing and loving my children, and
  • knowing my gifts and abilities, so I can work hard and effectively in an area of strength, rather than weakness, and contribute effectively to the lives of others--and have a little fun at the same time.

Author: Steve Farrar
Found in the Men's Devotional NIV Bible


S Bess said...

These are definitely words to follow. How are you my sister? Long time. x Big hug.

lyre said...

I hope the new job is feeding your spirit my sister. Miss ya

fallen angel said...

WOW! i would love to see how his boys turn out in about 15 years...could it really be as simple as laying out a plan and following it?

JenellyBean said...

Hey Brother Stephen....

I've been great. You don't know how much I miss you and everyone else of course.


Hug and kiss right back



It sure has been.
I emailed you the other day, did you get it??


Hey Fallen Angel,

I feel the same way, he talks so passionately about raising his children.

What really touched me about this piece, is that my dad and step father have not Saved my little brother. I honestly don't know why it is that they aren't raising him to be a responsible young man.

Its sad to say, but I don't know what woman will marry him....

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