December 1, 2007

You can find talent anywhere -- especially if you're BORED

Yesterday while I was on the plane I finished reading my book and had nothing else to do
Sleep was not interested in me and just staring around the plane wasn't interesting to me.

One thing I can say that I look foward to when I set foot on a Delta flight is their Biscoff Cookies. If you have no idea what it is I'm talking about then you seriously need to type in Delta Biscoff into any search engine and buy a box of these cookes. Theres only 60 calories per 2 cookies and they have the most light buttery taste with a similarity to a Ginger Snap, but nothing close.
Well after eating the Delta Biscoff I decided to do something I've been wanting to do --draw a self portrait of my Coco Puff. Although I wanted to do it on much better paper and using a photo that was a personal favorite, but I was bored on a flight that had about 45 minutes to go.

So I took out my Palm Cellphone and pulled up a photo that I felt grabbed his beauty and pulled out an almost dull tipped pencil with a piece of used notebook paper and did my thing.

Now I am in no way an artist nor an illustrator I can hardly get my dimensions right and I have trouble drawing almost anything. But given boredom and lots of time I can do a pretty good job.

Heres the photo that I drew from and heres the photo I drew:


G. Mo said...

I saw the word Biscoff and it reminded me of an entry I made last year this time while on a flight to ATL. Never once had I seen them before that day. Even still, it was nothing but a jazzed up Graham cracker to me.

Wendy said...

I haven't tried those.Maybe I will if I ever take a Delta flight.So you have revealed another talent. I can't draw stick people so it looks great to me!

JenellyBean said...

Hey Nah,
Now that you say it I realize their similarity to a graham cracker.
Jazzed up or not, I think they are delightful.


Sister Wendy,


H Dot Bunnie said...

Now, I have heard of the biscoff but never tried them...not too much into sweets and things..unless they are oatmeal cookies or the golden oreos..oh or teddy grahams!...yeah..that's my sh*t (pardon)

Pretty good drawing, BTW!

Nenjae said...



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