October 3, 2008

The Infringement Begins...

I logged into my union website and this was at the top!

DOE bars wearing political buttons in school
Oct 2, 2008 5:33 PM
In this week�s Principals� Weekly, the Department of Education instructed principals that school staff are not allowed to wear buttons or apparel in support of a
political candidate while in school or during school activities. It further
argued that Chancellor�s Regulation D-130 �prohibits the distribution or posting of materials in support of a political candidate in a school building.�

UFT President Randi Weingarten issued the following statement:
For as long as I have been at the UFT � first as counsel and then as president � teachers have been allowed to express their opinions as citizens, political and otherwise, on their lapels.
That�s because teachers know how to balance their roles as educators and their
roles as citizens to freely express themselves. Teachers understand they cannot
proselytize their personal beliefs, and they also understand the importance of
showing students the value of civic participation and responsibility. Today we
sent a letter asking the Chancellor to reconsider his position, and hopefully we
can reach an amicable solution that balances people�s obligations as teachers
with their rights as citizens. If not, we will pursue the matter further.

I feel like going to work with wearing an Obama sweatshirt everyday until the election with buttons just to make a statement!


blackcaesar said...

That is absolutely horrible. What blanket of citizens does this involve? What state or is it National...

lyre said...

We had the same statement issued. they also prohibited shirts. I created a presidential display overwhlemed with Obama Material and posted the standards that supported the display.I threw in a bit of mcCain, just to be fair.

SjP said...

Hi There! I recently joined the Blogs by Black Women RingSurf. I'm excited about meeting other African American women bloggers. I invite you to visit Sojourner's Place. The doors are always open there.

And just a reminder, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Come by and let us know when you got yours (smile).


TRUTHZ said...

hey lady!!! i am so glad you are still blogging... i went thru my list of blogging family and found out that i am basically alone...i am so glad that you are teaching? when did this start? you still have beautiful stories to tell

JenellyBean said...


This is for all teachers in America.



You are wild!


Hey Sister Truth!

A lot of my blog family is still around so you are welcome to check them out.

I was away for a while, but I'm back now using my blog as my outlet.

I just started teaching with the Department of Education this August. I was working as a literacy teacher for a summer reading program and I loved it! I decided to take on teaching as a career choice.
How have you been?

TRUTHZ said...

Girl God has truly been good to me.... now that I have surrendered the driver's seat. I just found out I passed the bar and as my child said..."yay, we can get money and buy food!" so i am about to claim that my financial struggles are about to be a thing of the past


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