August 25, 2009

Around the World in 50 Years: Bahamas Cruise Day 1

Port of Call: Miami Florida

Coco Puff and I left NY at 9am and arrived in Miami, FL at 12 noon. We took a shuttle bus to the port, filled out all the paperwork, and boarded Royal Caribbean's Majesty of the Seas ship. It was huge!!!

We headed straight to the Windjammer dining room to get some food. I've heard a lot about the food on a cruise, but I still wasn't prepared for how yummy all the food was.

Coco Puff was really tired from not sleeping the night before we left, so after lunch he went to the room and took a nap.

I on the other hand was wide awake and went out by the pool to have a drink (Pina Colada w/ Strawberry Daquiri) and dance to the island tunes the band was playing. The weather in Miami was Gorgous!

About a half hour later, I went to check on Coco Puff (he was snoring).
I went back to the top deck to go rock climbing. I have never been rock climbing and I wasn't nervous at all until I got about 7 feet in the air. I was stuck and didn't know where to go next. I paniced and told the instructor I was ready to get down, but everyone watching me was cheering for me to go on. "Wooo hooo! You can do it!" (No I'm not). I was told the only way to come down was to let go of the wall... (WHAT??!?!). Someway, somehow, I got down, but it wasn't easy.

After rockclimbing I started chatting with this guy from Washington State and he was really cool. After speaking with him for about an hour, I went to check back on Coco Puff (still snoring), but I woke him up because he was missing all the fun.

We went down to have an early dinner before we headed to the evening entertainment.

For evening entertainment, they had the cruise dancers and singers and a comedian, Kivi Rogers (this guy is hilarious!!)

We were both really pooped, so we didn't stay up too late-we didn't even go to the formal dinner. I wanted to be up at 7am to go to the gym and Coco Puff needed to be up by 9 so we could get ready to tour Nassau, Bahamas!!

(Please visit our site Around the World in 50 Years to see all photos from the trip and our future trips)

Next Port of Call: Nassau, Bahamas


Jasmyn said...

sounds like you guys had mucho fun. my family is planning a cruise for next summer. hopefully we're going. i'm super stoked.

and yes mam. i got the link. i just gotta set up an account so i can leave comments. but i'm working on it. i promise.

and my blog name. it's actually "sugar, you ain't so sweet" I just like how the and symbols look so i added them. lol. but "and sugar, you ain't so sweet" dnt sound to bad. lol.
something for the time being. i'm actually thinking of changing it agian. soon. C=

Chic Mama said...

It sounds amazing.....well done for doing the climbing wall. :0)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

That looks and sounds amazing! I've never been on a cruise so I'm super jealous right now!

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

Sounds like a great time. Good for you with the rock climbing! The only time I tried it I couldn't get past the first few rocks - guess I need to work on that upper arm strength!

~ Lady Liz ~ said...

You guys look so cute in that PIC. So glad you enjoyed yourselves! I'm afraid of heights; so Kudos to you re: Rock Climbing! :)

JenellyBean said...

Renee and Liz

Dont let the pics fool you... I didnt go far at all. Like I said in the post, I paniced and wouldn't move.


mr. nichols said...

it sounds like you had a good time. you got me wanting to book a cruise asap. also, don't let anybody tell you nothing. you're a rock climber!

Lara said...

Cool! Looking forward to catching up!! Glad you made the climb :)


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