October 13, 2009

Podcast Lectures??

I was flipping through the neatoday magazine (National Education Association Today) and I noticed an article titled the "The iPod Professor".

Being that I love my iPhone, the title grabbed my attention.

Here's what the article said:

....In a recent study, university students who downloaded a podcast lecture
scored significantly higher on a content exam than kids who actually
attended the same lecture...

Why didn't they do this when I was in undergrad?

Why don't my graduate professors do this?

The professor in the article said that kids are programmed differently than 20 years ago. --True!

The article also highlights that having the podcast allows students to replay lectures. [It can also help with reviewing your notes].

I think this is an awesome idea!!

Source: neatoday October/November 2009 p.14


QueenBee said...

As Prince would say, "Sign of the times."

JenellyBean said...

It sure is.

I wonder how things will be done when Im a granny.


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