November 28, 2009

Weathering the Storm

I've been away from my blog for over a month now because I've been so angry with it....

I can't believe that after coming here and being completely honest with it for over 4 years it would turn around and cause me harm.

I mean, I actually love blogging and I love sharing my deepest feelings with it. I love having an outlet where I can go and discuss anything... A place to get things off my chest and out of my head. I can share things in a serious or humerous or joyous or emotional way.

But I forgot one very important thing..

My blog is my personal space, but of course its not private. Its attached to a url on the world wide web. At any given time it can be accessed and read and then copied, saved, and/or printed.

It can be the focus of discussion or the private laughter in ones head.

It can be linked to another bloggers page and another and another.

I've come to terms with my anger towards my blog because I know it never meant to hurt me. It was the person who read it and called so and so and made my post more then it was and then that lead to a snowball of things, which then lead to me being moved around, which then lead to me going private.
I've weathered the storm and I'm ready to make amends with it.


Andre Saun said...

I know all too well about this very subject. I shut my previous blog down as well. I hope you continue to provoke thought and keep us enlightned.

Alli said...

My dearest girl.
You cannot be defeated maligned or anything else if you don't choose to.
There are always going to be those who will try and undermine you no matter what...Carry on do what you need to do and forget the rest. Besides they can't copy the real you..

Love you Alli XXX

JenellyBean said...


Wow. You shut it down? I don't think I could ever do that. My blog is my baby.


You are right. They can't copy the real me!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I know how this goes! I've had to go private before because of the actions of others.

Ms. Bar B: said...

So sorry that happened to you!! Readers don't always realize that they have been granted a privilege to be able to come here or to anyone's blog and read their personal thoughts. It angers me when people don't respect the way this works. When we feel like we can't be our true selves in our own space it really does have an affect on how we view our spaces, our thoughts, ourselves.

Hope that you have been able to recover from whatever damage was done.

QueenBee said...

I have a shoulder if you need it.

Chic Mama said...

I'm really sorry about all of that....that's why I am wary and sometimes panic slightly at what I put in my posts and think I'll just shut the whole thing down. Also why I have another invite only blog for a bit more protection. Hope it all blows over very soon. I've missed your positive postsx


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