August 12, 2005

An Empty Novel

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Saw this Comic this morning and thought it was the cutest thing. This is how I've always felt as a woman. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's very flattering to have someone compliment me on my appearance--This happens hourly! But when someone comments on my BRAINS I go nutz! I take it to the head like a shot of Coconut Malibu w/Pineapple juice! *Inside Joke*

I hate it when women get so caught up in their appearances. Beauty is skin deep and will only last for so long. So why do we try to perfect that which is unperfect. You know God didn't make you perfect, you were born into sin, so why not fill that unperfect body with some valuable information. Something you can use to make your life better. Anything you want to know you can know.

Matthew 7:7"

Ask, and it shall be given you;seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:"

What good is a novel that has a beautiful cover,
a cover that was so beautifully illustrated that all eyes fixate on the book,
a cover so beautiful that everyone picks up the book.
But when they pick it up its a bunch of empty pages. (Not literally empty, figuratively) For those of us that are Empty novels, what I mean is , the BOOK WAS CRAP! It had nothing to offer anyone once the book had been read.
No meaningful motifs
No mind boggling plots
No content to take away with you and incorporate in life
Nothing even worth sharing with a stranger

Now, knowledge, intelligence, wisdom--THIS WILL TAKE YOU FAR!!

I can't begin to tell you how much I value my education, but I'm not one of those people that care to have a million and one degrees under mybelt. I just want to get the most money doing what I LOVE--Practicing Law. I really feel that practicing law is my purpose. If that means I have to go to college for 4 years then spend another 3 in Law school and then maybe another 3 or 4 trying to get some other degree then that's just what I'll have to do. But if that is not my destiny God will redirect me.
In any event I will never be an Empty Novel.
I have too much to offer.
But don't get it twisted--I'm a DIVA, yea I know my name is Princess ya'll but Diva fits in here so let's go with that. I love getting all dolled up and going out. I do the nails thing every 2 weeks, I do the feet thing very often, and the hair has to look right. My shoe game is ridiculous and my style is on point.
But aside from all the physical things I push 3.8's in college with a fulltime job.

My personality makes people want to know me and the way I treat people makes people stay in my life.

The moral if this story is Don't be an empty novel


angeleyes said...

Yeah you're right about that! Especially the overly dramatical gay guys. :)

Thanks for stopping by :) I love it when people pass through my blog. Cause it gets kinda lonely out here sometimes, ha ha ha . But no seriously, I love it when I get feedback.

I find your blog rather interesting too(esp this post), u seem like a very indepth intelligent person. :)

JenellyBean said...

Thanks Angeleyes, You know how I feel about people commenting on the attractiveness of my brain. *WINK*

I always try to give feedback when I have something to offer.

I will pass through your BLOG! occasionally to see whats new.

YAY! I HAVE A NEW BLOG FRIEND. I'll put your link up with my others.

Croft2006 said...

Jenelly as usual your intelligence shines through. P.S. You are killing them in that oic..........Simply Gorgeous

JenellyBean said...

Thanks Croft, you always know how to make me smile.

Thanks for passing by again...

Anonymous said...

Pssst... future lawyers
should know how to spell.

i.e. REDiculous.

That is ridiculous :)

Good moral to your story.

JenellyBean said...

Oooops! I didn't even notice that....Thanks


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