August 13, 2005

BLOG! Surfing

Today I was checking out BLOGS! just to see what kinds of things people are doing on here and what this whole BLOG! thing can be about.

I found many BLOGS! some poetry blogs, some emotional blogs, some journal style blogs, some marketing blogs and many comical ones. Many of these I will pay regular visits to. I've added them to my sidebar so that you can visit them too.

There was 1 BLOG! that entertained me for a couple hours. The BLOG! is titled 100 REASONS WHY I HATE MY HUSBAND!

Check out this BLOG! Put it on your to do list. It's hilarious.
Christine (the author) You are too much!


angeleyes said...

whooohoo! We're blog frens now! :) I added your blog to my link too! :)

JenellyBean said...

Thanks AngelEyes!

Anonymous said...

I just HAD to come and
see who would leave a
comment telling Christine
of 'l00 Reasons' how to
write her blog.

Now I know. :(

I'm a regular reader of
Christine's blog, and I can honestly say, I've seen
people leave all sorts of
messages to her, but
never one about adjusting
the length of her posts,
or more so how they are

To me, Christine is one
of the best writers out in
the 'blogosphere'.

Please take some lessons from her, not try and adjust her writing techniques.

Still having a hard time with that idea, especially
after reading a bit of yours.

JenellyBean said...

Sorry you feel that way Anonymous, but my suggestion to Christine wasn't meant to be taken in the wrong way.

I made the suggestion because as I read all of her blog postings starting from number 1 I noticed that the one sentence summary that I commented on was removed--and I missed it! It forshadowed what was upcoming and In my personal oppinion this one sentence summary truly added to the BLOG! itself. The length of the postings were not a problem to me, but with this one sentence summary it allowed readers to select wether or not they wanted to read the 15 paragraph scenario. Compare it to the headline of a newspaper ad or magazine article and you will understand what I mean.

To address your comment in regards to my writing--HA!

Christine and I have different writing style as does many authors. If you thoroughly read my writing you would see that I don't stick to one specific genre of writing as does Christine. She is very comedic and does that very well. I on the other hand write very figuratively and allegorically--Stick around and you will see.

I appreciate your comments and hope to read your BLOG! sometime.


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