August 28, 2005

I need another moment....


Once again I ask "Why Not?"

I've returned to Rhode Island for college. Yup, my summer is officially over. I drove out here from NY on the 24th. I'm an RA on my campus (URI) and all RA's--new or old--are required to return to school 2 weeks prior to all the residents arriving for the semester. For these 2 weeks the department of Housing and Residential Life has us under massive stress. They spend weeks creating this workshop packed schedule and for 2 weeks straight we are considered "Training".

I call it "Boot Camp". We wake up at 7 am shower and eat breakfast. Then from 8:30 am through to 5 pm we undergo workshop after workshop after workshop. Sitting in the same seats back to back to back with only 1 break at 12, where we are required to go to lunch.

So this has been my life since the 24th. It will soon be over and then the real stress starts when all the freshmen move into my dorm.
I'm sitting here acting like I absolutely hate my job, but don't allow my end of summer stress to fool you. I LOVE being an RA, especially being an RA in an all Freshmen dorm. I am very fond of the renovations they've made to my dormitory over the summer, it looks brand new on the inside. I've decorated my room rather well too might I add. My color scheme is Black and Gold, but its not Tiger, I have various shades of Gold here and there to bring out the dominant Black within my furniture.

On another note....

I miss my boyfriend sooo much--in the physical form that is. Although I'm not home in NY we do still communicate as often as we can and gladly we have the whole communication thing down pact within our relationship, but I miss his touch, his smell, his taste--EVERYTHING!!!! Plus, I'm due for some serious pounding.

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