August 28, 2005

Old Folks...

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Isn't it funny how adults always make these funny little comments when children want to be "in" with the latest fads, but they all know that when they were that age they too were very much "in" with the latest fashions. Some of them were part of cliques that wore their hair a certain way or wore certain colors, jackets, shoes, purses, etc.
My father used to wear his hair in a large AFRO and he wore the bell bottom pants with the platform shoes. But my younger brother gets ridiculed for wearing a du-rag and baggy jeans.
What fads were you or are you into?
Are you an old folk like the Grandfather in the caption that satires children about trying to be "in"?
My Fads:
  1. Age 9-12 Baggy Jeans
  2. Age 12-17 Large Hoop earrings and Name Chain

At my age now, I'm no longer follow fads, but I follow the styles of the seasons--such as the latest shoe styles and clothing styles. I'm in love with costume jewelry and chandelier earrings. I have colors to match every outfit I own.


angeleyes said...

age 12-15: haha cant believe it now but i was into the hair streak mascara. I bought blue at one time and would streak parts of my hair blue!!

10-14: baggy jeans

18-24(i still wear this sometimes): bandanas

18-present: hoop earings...i still loves the hoops a lot, never really got over it.

Present: well, im more into settin my own trends right now and mostly just go with wats in style for the season. Cant say i have a particular fad right now.

lyre said...

I used to love bellbottoms, wore a huge FRO, at one time I loved the fringy leather vests, and the beaded native american jewelry..the painted leather purses and bags.

Now I am into the fad of simplifying my life. I love the blog fad. helps me to relieve a ton of tension. I am not a cellphone junkie but I have one. And I think I am about to relive the Afro fad. I wonder what my fro will look like now in Salt and pepper. :-)


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