August 8, 2005

I need a moment....

The real question is WHY NOT?
This summer has been very interesting and I'm not ready for it to be over just yet. I'll be returning on campus on August 24th to begin my RA summer training and the original plan to have 12 RA's in my dorm has been changed to a mere 6! Of the 6 that we are losing, 2 of them I have worked with over the past year and am not ready to lose. Especially because they are to be replaced with 2 new RA's that have to be trained. The 6 we are losing don't even know where they will be placed or if they will even have jobs when we return. My 2 colleagues call me daily to lay complaints on the administration in charge of this change, but in the end there is nothing I can do. I'm just very thankful that I still have my job. THANK YOU LORD.
So now there are 6....
4 new and 2 veterans. This should be fun.
I found out some time last month that because I worked last summer my EFC (Expected Family Contribution) has increased from $4,000 to $5,225. The problem with this is not only that my single mother and I have to come up with $1,225 more, but I lose a $5,000 scholarship given to me by the Rhode Island Childrens Crusade, because I now exceed the cut, which is $5,000, by $225!
So now, what do I do? I already have taken out over $10,000 in loans and I'm only starting my 3rd year of undergrad. I have another 2yrs to complete followed by another 3yrs of Law School to complete. By the time I get out of school I will have acquired over $80,000 in loans--I kid you not.
I've tried to fight this for a month, because in my case I lose $5,000 at the hands of $225 and this puts me at an even greater burden. I've contacted the RI Childrens Crusade and pleaded with them. They told me to contact my congressman. So I wrote and called Senator Jack Reed's office in regards to my situation. They were very sympathetic, but there is nothing they can do at my immediacy. However, he is working on a bill that changes the way in which the FAFSA is evaluated so that College students that must work aren't penalized by it. The way the FAFSA is evaluated puts us in a catch 22 and I'm a living testimony of this.
Everything happens for a reason right?
Is this why I haven't found work all summer?

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