August 10, 2005

Today was a GOOD Day

It was a good day because:

First, I spoke to the friendliest Bank of America representative who gave me back the $20.00 they charged me for an overdraft fee I received. A fee I received because I thought when money was deposited into my account after 3 pm it would post the next business day, however,
if a deposit is made after 3 pm into a branch not within the state of the account it takes 48 hrs for the transaction to clear.
I was ignorant to this policy and I was charged an overdraft fee of $20.00. I called in last night on this same issue and I thought I was pretty damn calm with the representative and that conversation ended with her hanging up on me. Can they do that? Oh well I got my money back which is great.

Second, I found out that I received a $45.00 credit on my NEXTEL bill due to my NO SERVICE having phone all of yesterday. I called in yesterday evening questioning why in the world I couldn't make a single call and was getting a voicemail prompt telling me I had 8 voicemessages, but my phone never rang. I was informed that the network on Staten Island was down. Greeeeat! Right?
So what I was reccommended to do was call in the next day--today--If I still had the problem. The problem ended last night around 8'ish so there was no need to call, but to my surprise, I go online to check my minutes and put a little money on my bill and I notice that my balance was significantly lower then the initial balance just yesterday. I call up my "favorite" service provider, Nextel to inquire about this lower balance (I wasn't complaining--trust me). The representative told me that I received a credit to compensate me for my horrible service the day before. WOW! a whole $45.00 and he never even told me--What a surprise.

Third, I went to Clove Lakes park and ran 2 miles....well.... I ran one and then walked the 2nd, but in any event I did it. Yo! When I was done running that mile I thought my body had fell up out of me. I was so out of breath. I walked the whole 2nd mile trying to catch my breath LOL. My legs and stomach are killing me, but this excercise is greatly needed. I've lost a total of 10 lbs this summer just by light excercising and a change of diet. This new heavier workout, my diet and the constant support of my boyfriend will help me shed the lbs sooner then later.

Fourth, some time before the workout I watched The ButterFly Effect (for the 4th time) with my family. Some time after the workout I caught up on some reading. I got a surprise phone call from my Aunt and baby cousin (she's 15, but she's still my baby) from ATL and they had nothing but happy and funny little stories to tell me. I enjoyed that hour and a half. Isn't great hearing from your relatives after a long while and they have nice things to say?

Well that was my GOOD day.
Do you think I should have played the NY Lotto?


Seven said...

Awwwwwww we share the same academic interest. I was a double major...politics and philosophy. Okay, let me get to reading your blog. :-)


Croft2006 said...

Hey I work for nextel......dont badmouth them lol

JenellyBean said...

Croft, as much as I badmouth Nextel I will never leave them. I can't live without FREE INCOMING! :-P


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