September 28, 2005

Daily Morning Routine

Every morning when I wake up....

I wash out my favorite mug in my dorm room bathroom.
I fill it up with tap water and heat the water for 3 minutes in my microwave.
While the water is heating I brush my teeth. Usually, by the time I'm done my microwave is alarming me that my water is heated.
I place a Lipton Caffeinated Tea Bag in it and add 3 plastic spoonfuls of sugar. If I have milk--I add some

I walk over to my computer stirring my tea.
I read all of my AIM messages that I've received throughout my beauty sleep and respond to those that need responses

I pick up my cell phone and send a Good Morning text message to my boyfriend
I turn my TV on to MSNBC

I open up Outlook and wait for my email to come in
In the meantime...
I open up YahooMail and wait for that load

I browse the left taskbar of Outlook to see which of my 20 folders have received new mail and then I proceed to read them all
Laughing at those that deserve a giggle
Deleting the junk
Replying to those that need responses--unless they require my opinion, I save those for later
Forwarding those that others should hear
When I'm done with Outlook, I go back to YahooMail and do the same

I then go into my Internet Explorer and my homepage is
I read all the Headlines pertaining to my Native country, Liberia
I go into my Favorites and open up:

I read all the Headline News so that I'm well informed for the day
I browse through the articles they hide at the bottom too

I send some articles to my friends usually attached with my personal opinion.

I log into my personal Chat Forum
I post articles I feel the members should hear
I post the jokes the members should laugh at
I respond to other members posts--positively and negatively
I respond to any personal messages I may have received.

I put up an AIM away message

After all this,

If it's a Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday...
I hop in the shower to get ready for my community service at a Local retirement complex

If it's a Tuesday...
I put on some clothes and head to my office for my RA office hours

If it's Friday
Well... it's a Friday, I chill until it's time for me to get ready for class

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