September 28, 2005

JenellyBean: The Researcher

Today as I read I was intriqued while reading an article about how the amount of Millionaires within the United States of great ol' America has increased since last year.

The U.S.A has 8.9 Million Millionaires!
There are 700,00 MORE Millionaire households this year than in 2004!

Can you believe this? There are 8,900,000 Millionaires in the United States of America?

It wasn't to my surprise that this article spoke nothing of the Poor statistics in America. You know what I did right?


I opened up the UsCensus webpage

Guess what I found...

In 2004 37 Million people were in POVERTY!
There were 101,000,000 MORE Poor people then the year before!

Can you believe this? There are 37,000,000 Poor people in the United States of America?

Is there something wrong here?
Please tell me you see it!

As of July 1, 2004 the US popluation was 293,655,404

Just thought you should know

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