September 2, 2005

Media Propaganda

So given the circumstances that all of these people are under, the media can still include racism in their coverings of the events.

The two WHITE people on the left have "FOUND" food to eat during this horrible disaster.
The BLACK man on the right "LOOTED" food to eat during this horrible disaster.

Is is just me? No it can't be.

How can anyone call this looting? When you are stealing things you need to SURVIVE during a crisis of this magnitude and there is absolutely no alternative to get help then taking things such as food, water, medicine, and clothing can not be considered looting.

If the BLACK man was walking through the water with a 20" television set on her arms then "looting" would be very appropriate, but not food.

There are men, women, and children alike suffering right here in America and the necessary measures aren't being taken.

Yesterday a friend of mine questioned me as a Political Science major, "what would the U.S. have done if the Cuban army attacked Florida and tried to take over Miami, superficially?" I responded "The U.S. army would be over there defending its territories." He then said, "So how is it that thousands of people have been left homeless due to this natural disaster right here on our own turf and the U.S. army isn't over there saving their people in the same way? They send some people, but not as many as they should."

What do you say to this? The President will send men by the thousands over to Iraq on fraudulent ideas, but here we have innocent people dyeing and he sends 140 Troops? Is that really sufficient in his eyes? If his daughters were there do you know how quickly them girls would have been rescued? So why is it that a woman, 9 months pregnant, delivered a still born baby today with no medical help? Why is it that there are babies out there with no food?

When will we get our priorities straight?

MSNBC says:
Bush began the day at the White House, where he expressed unhappiness with the
efforts so far to provide food and water to hurricane victims and to stop
looting and lawlessness in New Orleans. “The results are not acceptable,” said
Bush, who rarely admits failure.

Aren't you the President? Aren't you the H.N.I.C? Why aren't you running the show?
It wouldn't be because 67% of the New Orleans population is African American would it?

I hope we all know that African Americans do make up the majority in New Orleans and over 25% of the African American population in New Orleans has an income below the poverty line. So it was almost impossible for them to evacuate the area in time or at all.


Chailyn Cole Runewood said...

There is something seriously wrong with that. Either it's "looting" or it's "finding." Take your pick.

This is why I refuse to go into journalism . . .

JenellyBean said...

There is something wrong, but it's not the terms used Chailyn.

Cahf_cl said...

You are so rigth. But i think is better don't send the army to help in a disaster. I'm from Chile, where the army , for example, the army "care" for the elections. I think is better the army stay in his bussiness and your president move his ass and do something, but with the civillians...sorry for my english, i'm out of practice

JenellyBean said...

The U.S. Military was established to defend Americans. Whether it be that we are under attack by another nation or by a natuaral disaster our militaries duties are to PROTECT and DEFEND.

They are trained for these measures. If not them, then who? The President can't go down there and rescue them, he deploys men to do this work. That's how he is supposed to help.

angeleyes said...

great post jenelly! Awesome!!! :) love reading your stuff!

Greg said...

What happened in the Big Easy should be a wake up call to all Americans. If you are not rich white chrstian then don't depend on any help from the fascist regime that is in charge right now.
That may sound like a over statement but is it? I was raised actions speak louder then words.So why is it one week on that people are still waitin to rescued. The all powerful American military can and will do what ever it is ordered. The problem was the civilian leaders who order the military didn't care enough to give the order.
I really hope that Americans take this to heart and vote next time for a change.



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