October 17, 2005

JenellyBean: The Protester

Today I partook in my first political activist protest.

I was on the NEWS!!

What do we want?!
When do we want 'em?!

I attend the University of Rhode Island and on the 13th of October the President of the University Robert L. Carothers (shown on left) approved changes that will alter - and by some accounts reduce - student rights.

Effective immediately, the changes to the University Manual give the university expanded power to conduct dorm-room searches, additional jurisdiction over off-campus infractions, allows complainants to appeal decisions and renames the judicial system the conduct system.

Now check this out, I have an inside scoop on many of these changes.
I'm a Resident Assistant (RA) on my campus and I know how difficult it can be at times when dealing with unruly residents, but I don't agree with the "expansion on dorm room searches" as the new changes allow. Basically, as an RA
if I have some type of proof (towel at base of door or continuous fan use or the smell of alcohol or marijuana) it is my job to find the source of this and handle it in a manner described by my job description. The description states that RA's are to knock on the residents door and if they are visibly drinking follow the procedure for underage drinkers and if they are using illegal drugs such as marijuana I should call the police. In situations where it is obvious that there is marijuana use, I am to call the authorities before entering the room altogether.

We pay you RENT
Don't search without CONSENT

The "Expansion on dorm room searches" allows for me to use my RA resources, the master key, and enter rooms that I "feel" are suspicious. What a violation of our rights!

Our problems against "additional jurisdiction over off-campus infractions" is an even more serious issue, because this legislation allows for URI students to be penalized for events that occur off campus. So, if underage drinkers are caught in the mix of trouble off campus, the same on campus penalties will apply to them. These penalties are severe, but this is to deter alcohol related problems on campus--they are supposed to be severe!

This is an Institution
That ignores the Constitution

I don't even drink nor do I live off campus, but I do feel that it is very important for people to get up and stand up for their rights, just like Bob Marley stated it. And although none of these laws would directly effect my comfort on the University, I will take a stand to stop an infringement on students rights now and forever.


Jamie said...

You don't know me... I'm all the way from Indiana... I'm not one of those weird things that likes to say HEY COME SEE MY SITE...

but i did want to commend you for your first protest. I admire you! what a rush ey?!

Keep on keepin on and good luck with everything!

your fellow blogger,


ps... you said something about your coco puff... is that something us white folk just don't understand or is it a private nickname?! (i gotta stay up on this stuff!)

JenellyBean said...

Hey Jamie,
I welcome compliments from EVERYONE, not just friends. In fact most of the people that view my BLOG aren't personal friends at all. But I have made relations with the people that view my BLOG. So thanks for your comments.

The protest was great! I had so much fun and not only because we were acting radically but because I was a part of a social movement. I can't begin to explain how much of an impact this protest has had on me...

LOL.... you are too cute!
Yes, Coco Puff is a personal nickname I've given to my boyfriend. Glad to clear that up for you.

Freaky Zekey said...

Hey JellyBelly lol-

I'm glad that you are sticking up for what you believe. If only more people would have the courage to do it we could really begin to see some type of change. Over the course of my life I'm proud of the fact that I was apart of movements like the Million Man March back in 95' (yup I was pulled out of school), and the recent March on Washington concerning affirmative action, and many other causes. It is a great feeling to be out in the community having our voices heard for whatever the cause maybe, so for that I am proud of you and I hope that you will continue to be the positive influence on young people everywhere! See you around EBL...

Peace, Love, & Hairgrease

Micah Daigle said...

Hey there!

This is Micah (the guy behind the megaphone). Thanks for blogging about this!

Your last comment about how these changes will probably not affect you is extremely powerful. I feel the same way.

In fact, today in the Providence Journal, columnist Bob Kerr said that URI students are just self-interested and don't care about the bigger issues. The column can be read here:


If you get him a chance, write him an e-mail, or write the ProJo a letter to the editor, telling them exactly what you said on your blog. Bob Kerr's e-mail address is bkerr@projo.com

And remember, tomorrow we meet on the quad at 2:30 and march to the faculty senate meeting. Go to www.urirights.org for more info.

Stay in touch,
Micah Daigle


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