October 24, 2005

This Doesn't Happen Often

Right now, I'm in fear of getting a bad grade in a Political Science course that I'm taking.
The course is Cold War Politics and I have a midterm tomorrow.

I'm so lost.....
I'm so confused....

I've been in the library studying since 11am it's 6pm now
I've been jamming all this info in my brain, but I'm still fearful of getting a horrible grade.

My major GPA is a 4.0
I can't fail this midterm.
Shit I can't fail any midterm
but this course is for my major.
Failing is not an option.

I need to eat.......


Jamie said...

awww sweets...

my love and prayers are with you!!! I will pray for peace and endurance (people don't realize that school takes endurance) and i will also pray for you to remember what you have read... Just remember before you sit down to a test take six deep breaths In and out slowly (thats about how many it takes for my nerves to calm) and remember that Jesus loves you and so does that crazy chick from Indiana!!!

let me know how the test goes!

Seksi said...

I know how that feels... I have an exam tomorrow for my major and everything I am studying for I am PRAYING and HOPING it will be on it!


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