November 21, 2005

Dat Laffy Taffy

We sang this song (Dat Laffy Taffy by D4L) all weekend acappella...

You know them moments when someone starts singing a song and then everyone joins in and after the first 2 minutes eveyone is dancing, making beats, and acting a fool
busts out laughing?

This was the song that had us doing that this weekend.

Had to see me sounding all southern and all of us were doing the dumb side to side dance they do in the video.

Just in case you don't know what song this is, it should be playing as you read this, but if it's not playing, refresh the page or click the play button on the video in my sidebar.



Groove said...

Gurlll That is one of those of the songssss. Lol, have a nice holiday week!

Freaky Zekey said...

Nelly, I couldn't stand this song when it dropped, it just got on my nerves, but the more it plays, them more it stays in my mind and I find myself humming/singing it...WHO KNEW???

lyre said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I was laughing this weekend to this song as well! My good friend's husband explained what that laffy taffy was and I got plenty of it!!!! HAHAHAHAHA

Georgiapeach said...

You no what is a trip. That dance isn't really the dance we do to it. Which is so funny. But I guess they just wanted to show a more easier version of it. Girl yes, we habe been listening to it for months. It is so addicting.
Let me tell you a quick but funny story. Okay, they have another song and dance called the Betcha can't do it like me. Alright, my sister showed me how to do it she is 17 (I am technically out the loop for the new rave of Georgia dances). Anyway, I call my self learning the Betcha can't do it like me. So that night I am at the club dancing on the stage. Doing the dance and all. Why I didn;t know that D4L were performing the song on the stage while I was dancing. And I had the whole audience looking at me do the dance SOOOOOOOOOO wrong. Aww, it was so embarrassing. Anyway, it is way funnier. You had to be Glad to see you had fun this weekend.

JenellyBean said...

This song irritated me too at first. I was like, what a waste of time, but i'm hooked! :-P

Mama Beryl...
What is a Laffy Taffy?

Damn Georgia Peach...
I betcha can't do it right...LOL

What is the real dance your supposed to do to Dat Laffy Taffy? Is it the wild dance he does in front of the girls?

Georgiapeach said...

Naw, its the same rhythm. But you just get more funky with it. You go in circles all the way to the ground.

Georgiapeach said...

Circles meaning you turn around in a circular motion while you do Girl they are a mess down here with it. For real. In the video there just doing the lean wit rock wit dance. Girl let me tell you, we got "The Palace", "Shoulder Lean", ofcourse "Betcha Can't Don't Like Me", "Laffy Taffy", "Lean wit, rock wit". All of these are titles of songs but actual dances we do here in Atlanta.

JenellyBean said...

Oh man, sounds dizzy :-P

I want to learn all them dances so I can do em out here.

I can't wait until I come out to Atlanta, my first choice in Law schools is Emory, so I may be there in no time!

We definately have to link up.


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