November 6, 2005

Eager is as Eager does

This weekend my Coco Puff came up to my school to visit.

We were like 2 rabbits all weekend.

We couldn't even wait to get back to my dorm we had to pull over to the side of the road


As usual I really enjoyed my weekend with him.

Wanna hear something cute?

I don't even know why we did this, but I really had fun doing it...
So we were hugging in front of the mirror--semi naked--and just decided to take photos in the nude.

Nothing kinky or nasty. Just some classy erotic photos--is that possible?

So we're posing and holding eachother, trying to conceal our private parts, and the photos came out pretty good. Like a work of art.
Watchu think about 'em?

Because our weekend when he comes up to my school is the only true time he gets to rest we spend all of Saturday and Sunday being lazy, just lieing around.

It's always so hard to say goodbye..... I don't
I miss him already.


Bougie Black Boy said...

yeah, i do like the photos! nothing nasty about them at all. Both of you are attractive... nice couple.

I'll definitely return to your site.

Unconquerable Soul said...

I am jealous! LOL! Looks like you both had a great time! So where are the rest of the pics, LOL!


JenellyBean said...

Hey Stephen & Unconquerable Soul, thanks for stopping by. I visited both of you some time last week and am very thankful that you have returned the love.

Thanks for the compliments Stephen.

Unconquerable Soul--Don't be jealous JOIN IN!! LOL *wink*
We sure did have a nice time and it was fun to do something different and truly not care about our physical imperfections.

So you want to see the rest huh?!
Nasty Ass!

Amen to that.

angeleyes said...

:) damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn!!! you guys are too cute!! hahaha!

I have to say I share the same sentiments as unconquerable soul. Where are the rest of the pics!!?? :P i cant help it, u got my imagination going wild. U dont have to post it up, just email it to me. LOL!!!

JenellyBean said...

You are crazy Laura!

Stephen Bess said...

I decided to scroll down today and Wow! :) You guys look great. You have this soft smile and he has this proud reserve. It's says to me provider and nurturer. Nice post.

BLAQ said...

FRISKY!!!! is all i can say, well u wanted me to post something so there u go!. Overall, it's a nice picture.. Y'all have that nice, smooth, coco skinn..I mean Black skinn like that makes me proud. Ain't nothing betta when a girl and a man compliment each other with the same skin tone. I LOVE IT! But other than that FRISKY!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

JenellyBean said...

Hey Stephen...
Yea you should scroll down more often. Some days I make anywhere from 1-4 posts. I post whenever its in me and one a day sometimes is just not enough.

I'm glad you like the pics, but the first pic where I look like I'm auditioning for a colgate commercial is my normal smile. I never have a soft smile on, it's so incredibly hard for me. We had to take so many takes to get it decent looking because I'm so used to showing my pearly whites, that taking a pic without it is torture. But we worked it out.

Provider and nurturer.....OOOOOH I like that

JenellyBean said...

*eye roll*

I am not FRISKY!


missmotes said...

who told you u were Grown!! sista u are damn FRISKY : )

JenellyBean said...


Hey Mota, a pleasure to have you bless my spot...

Can we be frisky!?


Seksi said...

I envy you mama...


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