November 17, 2005

JenellyBean: The Philosopher

I did it again!

I got a 98 on my Philosophy Exam!!




Stephen Bess said...

I can't help but think of Boogie Down Productions with KRS One.

Question:Are you a philosopher?
Answer: Yes, I think very deeply

Congrats on those scores! You da bomb! :)

bohemian said...

Congratulations!!! I never thought someone can actually score 100 out of 100. Way to go, Princess, way to go. :-)

JenellyBean said...

Hey Stephen....
I thought you forgot about me.
I always thought that was funny when he would say that.
"Go Princess
Go Princess
It's Your birthday
You da bomb"


Thank you hun.

Does anyone get a 100 out of 100 in College in Philosophy Brother Bohemian?
You should have seen my face when I was handed back the exam. I looked at the Teachers Assistant and I said "ARE YOU SERIOUS?!"
She shook her head in assurance and I said "THANK YOU LORD"
The whole class broke out in laughter. The whole time I thought I was talking quietly.
Thanks for your support

Georgiapeach said...

Now this is what you do. Take notes: I am sure you have a notebook right? Go on Word and make you a Graded Assignment Sheet. Use Word Art to write "Graded Assigments", make it real colorful. After you do that. Print it out and put it in your notebook. Write down your grades. Now be sure to leave your notebook open when you walk out the class. Opened right on the Graded Assignment sheet. Everyone will peek at your great grades. That way you don't seem bragadocious, but you still get to!! I am so bad, and immature for doing that all these years. But it sure does appease my!

Unconquerable Soul said...

you go girl! do your thang sista... we need YOU

Ruben said...

It was in Philospy that I learned that I snore when I'm alseep. I was snoring so loud that I woke myself up in class.

lyre said...

great job


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