November 30, 2005

Racism hurts

It's nerve racking when people who are racist don't realize they are racist.
It's as if they believe as long as I don't say "I hate Black/White/Asian/Spanish etc people" they are not racist.

Are they serious?

Racism can be reflected through one's actions and/or comments.

Yesterday, a former left wing activist and a now "reformed" leading conservative, David Horowitz visited my university to deliver a presentation on Liberal Indoctrination on College Campuses across America.

It was interesting to listen to his opinions as to how the students at my university were:

  • "ignorant"

At how the Professors are:

  • Lazy
  • uneducated
  • "not preparing students"

And how all the Black people that attended are:

  • "Stupid for believing America is a racist oppressive state"
  • "bigots"
  • "rude for coming out to petition his speech"

Mr. Horowitz feels that there is no diversity within the Social Science department at the University of Rhode Island and that there are only Liberal professors who aim to brain wash students.

Mr. Horowitz went off on a tangent during his speech and talked about how far Black people have come in America.
He said that many years ago "strong Black men were hung for raping weak white woman, but now men like Kobe Bryant who are being accused of rape are getting the justice they deserve."

He also commented on someone's question about women making less then men in the workplace. He said "that is a crock of shit!"

He made reference to the Hatians coming to America to get better advantages and if they would still come here knowing that America is so racist and oppressive, then they must be stupid. He undermines the issues going on in Haiti and why that has lead Hatians to seek refuge here. Them coming here to seek better doesn't deny that racism and oppression exists today in America.

Someone asked him about discrimination and how if he were to walk through the rich areas of Rhode Island, such as Newport, during the night, with his bubble down coat and baggy jeans with a fitted cap, he would surely arouse suspition and someone would call the cops. Mr. Horowitz agreed. The brother then asked "Then how is America not racist?" Mr. Horowitz was silent.

This man spoke at my school for over an hour and was very rude to people who had questions for him. Just like a politician he dogged questions and danced with his answers.

We don't beg for reparations--WE DESERVE THEM!

He promotes people taking all different perspectives, but he himself is not willing to take a look from another angel.

**Mr. Horowitz also spoke about the issue of welfare and how welfare has ruined the Black family. "Because of welfare" he says, "the Black household has been divided and there are more Black single mothers."

I wonder to myself, does this man forget that White people are on welfare too and that the poor Whites in the south fought to get the welfare legislation passed?

And in the same realm of things, if you truly are not racist, why would you say something like this? Why wouldn't you just stand up there and promote the advantages of NOT having welfare and how having welfare has effected SOCIETY as a whole, instead of targeting the ills welfare has had on one minority group?

He was angry with us [black students] when we refused to sit down amongst the crowd. No we won't sit down! We stood up in the back and listened to your speech quietly. And at the end when all your Conservative buddies clapped for you we turned around and shunned you!
We rebuked you!
And you couldn't take it
So you insulted us and our university.
It's a pity

I borrowed this list of things Dr. Horowitz said from a friendly blogger that attends URI and was also at this presentation. Trix

An additional list of things he said:

"Democrats and Progressives are the cause of all that is wrong with the inner cities."

In a response to a question regarding women making 76 on the dollar to men, "That is feminist balogna, if women made 76 percent of what a man did, then smart capitalists would fire all men and hire women to increase their income." Which actually received huge applause from all of the locals and College Republicans, but has to be one of the most retarded statements I have heard an "educated" person say

America "treats black people better than any other black country in the world." Going on to say, "not like Haiti, which is ruled by mobsters and thugs"

"If black people are truly oppressed, why don't they get up and leave?" and "If its so bad in this country for black people than why do people want to come here on boats?"

"What are the WMDs of the Civil War? The firing on Fort Sumter. If I uncovered a document that said Lincoln dressed up Union soldiers as Confederates and ordered them to shoot at Fort Sumter. Would anyone in this room" at this point motioning to NAACP crowd in the back "say that we shouldn't have fought the Civil War. Alright. Then why is the liberal media hopping on Bush about WMDs?"

** : refers to portion of this posting that was added later.


Unconquerable Soul said...

That man better not come over here.. yo, i'm pissed off after reading this post... my goodness! thanks for sharing this information.. i've heard of him.. i think he says all this junk to get speaking engagements..

chele said...

Wait a minute ... the administration of URI invited him to speak?

JenellyBean said...

Hey Unconquerable...
If that was his main objective
He succeeded

Hey Sister Chele...
No, he was invited here by my campuses chapter of College Republicans.

I attended this event on behalf of my organization College Democrats.

I've added more to this post, highlighted in maroon. Please read it.

Groove said...

This is unreal, I am speechless.

Trix said...

I was there during his speech and some of the things he said were the most racially insensitive remarks. It was ridiculous how this guy is an expert at anything. He gets paid to spit stuff like that.

chele said...

What the hell? I have been away from a college campus for too long. This is crazy! It's like having the Grand Wizard of the Klan come to speak. Did he think he was "enlightening" the students regarding the Black family??? What the hell does he know about being Black in America? Hell, about being Black at all? I swear, every time a white person runs out of things to say they always fall to the Black people and welfare argument -- gimme a break with that shit. Statistically, there are more whites on welfare than blacks.

What point was he trying to make regarding the Black family? Did he have a solution to make the Black family stronger? Or was he just throwing out meaningless points of non-fact so the republicans of tomorrow could feel superior?

P. Alonzo Harris Jr. said...

i have never heard of this man before until today... i will say this, i am glad that URI, as an advocate of free speech and its varoius forms of expression, allowed him to speak... this does not mean i agree with what this man had to say, but i think many people and colleges, often turn away these men who are on the far left or far right and i think it does no good for any of us when it happens....having men like the one who came to URI come and speak remdinds us of how far we have to go as a serves to wake us up, because we are so often asleep at the wheel....

Stephen Bess said...

The word "educated" is a tricky word. Someone obviously taught him the wrong things. Horowitz sounds as if he was speaking into the mirror. There is too much information and data out here that would crush almost his entire speech. I've read a really good book recently concerning welfare and social reform titled, Urban Injustice : How Ghettos Happen. The book was written by Dr. David Hilfiker. It is a short, inexpensive book but very informative. Thanks for sharing Jenellybean and hello! :)

JenellyBean said...

Sister Groove...
Imagine how the 120 of us Black folks that were there felt.

Sister Chele, I have no clue what this man was trying to do.

Brother Harris...
I don't sleep.
Never have and never will.
Growing up in NY and then coming to a prodominantly white college has shown me that I can never sleep.
I'm still waiting for the day when I can shut my eyes and there will be no colors.

Brother Stephen...
I agree.
He's coo coo.
I will have to read that book someday.
and Hello to you too :-D


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