February 6, 2006

Where I Been At?

Funny how vernacular can sound funny...
Repeat the title to my blog
"Where I been at?"
Doesn't it just make you laugh?
Well it made me laugh and that's all that matters.

So how has my blog family been doing?
Have y'all given up on me and neglected coming to check up on me b/c I have not posted in weeks?

It's all good.
I apologize for being ghost.
Those of you that really cared emailed me and/or communicated with me through AIM so y'all knew I was fine.
To the others, I missed y'all too.

So where have I been at?

Well I am back at school now as I have been since the 23rd and the transition back into school mode after winter break is always hard, because the resistance is still there.
The resistance to having to wake up early again.
The resistance to having to go to class.
The resistance to having to stay focused during lectures.
The resistance to having to read long dense textbooks.

Y'all know me, I do what I have to do when I have to do it, but sometimes that means stepping off blogger for a few.
I get so caught up in checking up on everyone every hour of everyday that I sometimes neglect the important things that need to be done.
So I've been handling my business you know.

I was nominated for an award on my campus, the Rainville Award.
This is what the university's website has to say about the awards....

"For eighteen years the Office of Student Involvement/Memorial Union and Student Life have held an annual celebration to honor students who are successful in various leadership roles while maintaining a good academic record.
The purpose is to recognize, encourage, and celebrate student leadership in the campus community. The award is named in memory of A. Robert Rainville, students' friend and mentor, Vice President for Student Affairs 1980-86.
These awards are among the most prestigious at the University of Rhode Island. Students, staff or faculty are welcome to nominate students and teams for the awards. Nominees will be invited to complete an information application.
Nominees are then reviewed by a selection committee and finalists are.

I'm very excited about this!

I celebrated my 8 months with my Coco Puff yesterday (Feb 5). Too bad we didn't get to spend it together b/c he's back home in NY, but we are both blessed to have eachother for all this time until death do us part.

Guess what??!!?


MARCH 6!!!

Princess is getting old



I will be 21.
How exciting.

I've invited about 15 of my good friends to come out and celebrate my birthday with me on the 4th at an Indian restaurant out here in Rhode Island. The restaurant is called the Indian Club.
If you haven't tried Indian food please do---NOW!!
My girls and I went to the Indian Club 2 Fridays ago and it was phenomenal.
The food was scrumptious.

The owner and I met at my job at the mall during my Christmas break and after talking about the Lord and finding out she too was a Baptist (I never knew there were Indian Baptists) she gave me her Restaurants card and told me I had to come by some day and she'd hook it up.

So we did and I loved it.
The owner, Neela brought us out a complimentary beverage.
Mango, yogurt and ROSE water.
My goodness--they were divine.

So I've decided to have my birthday dinner there so my friends can have the pleasure of tasting the luxurious Indian dishes they serve.

Then on Sunday the 5th into my birthday, the 6th, My Coco Puff and I will spend the day/night at a hotel and just enjoy eachothers company. We will probably go to Foxwoods since he's never been there and it's not too far from my school. They have a jacuzzi and that's what I want.

I haven't seen him since early January and I won't get to him until then so that will the best part of my birthday.

Do you all remember what you did for your 21st birthday?
What did you do?
Where did you go?
Who'd you spend it with?
What did you get?


chele said...

Glad you're back and everything is cool. Congrats on the nomination!

Stephen Bess said...

First,I'd like to say that it's good to see you back. Yes, we have to take care of business sometimes. That means putting down some things that we enjoy. Congratulations on your nomination. I love that brain of yours and your determination.

Wow, my 21st birthday was in 1988.
What was going on with Steve:

1. DJ Robb Base had a hit song, It Takes Two.
2. I was fresh out of the Navy and I was living in New Haven, CT.
3. My favorite tape back then (cd's were not out) was The Jungle Brothers, Straight Out The Jungle.
4. I know that I walk into the liquor store that day and I went to see my girlfriend who was attending Norfolk St. University.
The next couple of days I don't remember because I was sooooooo faded.
:) Ahhhhhhhh....the good ol' days. Enjoy these times, but guess what... it gets better. Wait until you get into your intense adult years. The intensity of it will hopefully be mostly great, but they will be intense. :)

Freaky Zekey said...

It is soooo hard to get back in the groove of things when you're gone from school for sooooo long! Congrats on your nomination for the award!!!! Congratz on your anniversary as well...Nelly if I had to think back to my 21st, I couldn't tell you what I did...LOL...glad you're back to postin' though...Holla...

lyre said...

I became 21 in 1977. I was 10months into my government career and in my senior year of college. my son was 2 years 9 months old. I have no idea what I did. probably headed on down to the disco. i wasnt a drinker incollege. very much into health and nutrition but I loved the Disco!
Sounds like a great plan. What shall I do for my 50th this year? Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

good to have you back, now stop disappearing you ain't hodeni lol

JenellyBean said...

Hey Sister Chele...
Thanks for


Hey Brother Stephen...
Glad you understand my situation.
You always tickle my heart when you tell me you love my brains.
Were you always soo charming??

You were in the Navy? Oooh... that's where it comes from, huh? Army men are so respectful and they really appreciate the value of life and they know how to make people feel genuinely special inside.
And being from the South adds to that smooth talking you got there... LOL

"Faded"? Thats your slang for drunk?
I haven't heard that one yet.

Well I doubt I will be faded because I don't drink although I may have just a lil sip while I'm with my Coco Puff. (I feel most safe with him)
But I dont know....
We shall see.


Hey PEEBS!...
Ain't that the truth.
The transition is rediculous!

Thank you thank you thank you.

Now why you acting like you're sooo old?


Hey Mama Beryl...
I can hear you saying that with a very southern accent "Come on girls, let's head on down to the disco!"

Go somewhere exotic for your 50th. It's time for you to live mama.


Hey Dappaty Dap Dappa...

Glad to be back.
LOL that was cute.

Spelangel said...

hey J. Beans,
Congrats on the award nomination...
and i do understand that trannsition from break to back to school...just keep breathin and prayin, lol...
let see my 21st, i have a summer b-day so i was back home in MI so my best friend flew in from GA and my childhood friends threw a bbq/pool party...

Stephen Bess said...

In the words of JJ (Good Times):
"Well you know...what can I say." Haa haa! :)

You're quite charming yourself. Yes, I love a smart, thinking woman. Enjoy your weekend!

lyre said...

Hey Jenellybean,
Stephen is from my Alma Mater, SSC now U! That is why he tickles your brain! LOL

JenellyBean said...

Hey Sister Spel...

Oooh that sounds like fun. I would like to have a summer bday and do something like that or go to the beach and have a bbq in the sand.

See there you go again Brother Stephen.


Hey Mama Beryl...
So thats what it is....

Georgiapeach said...

Girl I had a big ass 2`1st b-day party! Your b-day is on my bestfriends birthday. wow. Anyway, girl, if you drink, you are going to be tore up. Everyone I know that has celebrated their 21st be so tore up. So get ready, take the next day off..lol. I had a blast and I am sure you will.
I am so proud of y ou being nominated for that award. wow. I like reading a superstar's blog..lol. You are a really intelligent young lady. What award were you nominated for last year? I can't remember. Good for you girl. I hope that goes in your favor.


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