January 19, 2006

Mary J Blige


I just bought her new album "Breakthrough.
I know I'm a bit late,
But she definately BROKE THROUGH
This album is BOMB!!!

I am in LOVE with it.

Of course my favorite track is the new single "Be Without You", but I've highlighted the other tracks that move me as well.

Express yourself about my girl Mary J, this album or any of her past albums.
Enjoy the video in my side bar.

1 No One Will Do
2 Enough Cryin
3 About You
4 Be Without You
5 Gonna Breakthrough
6 Good Woman Down
7 Take Me as I Am
8 Baggage
9 Can't Hide from Luv
11 Can't Get Enough
12 Ain't Really Love
13 I Found My Everything
14 Father in You
15 Alone
16 One
Bonus Track: 17 So Lady


Stephen Bess said...

Yeah, I like Mary. I'm the "Different World" generation so I still like her stuff from the early and mid 90's when I was in college.

By the way, the response that you had for my Barry post was very passionate and lucid. You're a smart woman. That's a very nice quality. I hope that all is well. Have a great weekend!

lyre said...

I am so glad you are back. I havent heard the CD but I will buy it this weekend and let youknow. My girl mary lived a bit of time in my hometown of Savannah so I KNOW she represents!

Georgiapeach said...

Is her cd that tight? For real. Girl, I have it but I haven't listened to it. I am going to listen to it this weekend.

JenellyBean said...

Brother Stephen if still loving Mary's music from the early and mid 90's makes you part of the "Differnt World" generation then my brother I am also apart of that generation.
I have always loved Mary!

Sing with me brother...
"We are lovers true and through And though we made it through the storm
I really want you to realize I really want to put you on
I've been searching for someone To satisfy my every need
Won't you be my inspiration Be the real love that I need
Real Love
I'm searching for the real love
Someone to set my heart free
Real love
I'm searching for a real love"

Ooooh Weeee!

As you know, that song is from MJB's first Album "What's the 411"

Have you listened to this LP "Be Without You" at all?
If so, how do you feel about it?
If not, please watch and listen to the video in my sidebar and then tell me what you feel.

Now about my comment....
Thank you.
Passionate and Lucid are beatuiful words to describe how I felt as I wrote my comment.
I love when people call me smart--it just tickles my brain!!
I'll make sure to keep this quality.

Have a great weekend too hun.
Oh yea, I have something to ask you....I'll email it.


Hey Mama Beryl...
I'm so happy to be back to.
I'm touched that you are happy too.
Being missed and having someone share that with you is a great feeling. I missed you too.

I'm sure you will love this album. Just read the LP titles.
They speak to you don't they?

Did you ever get to see her?


Sister GA Peach...
"Is her cd that tight?"
Girl is Black Beautyful?



blackcaesar said...

listening to it now.
i am on song 4.
it is good.

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

I have only listened to the entire CD once, but I’m so in love with “Be Without You”. It is my favorite song right now. I’ve always been crazy about Mary J. though every since she came out with that “What’s the 411” album.

Freaky Zekey said...

Nelly, I didn't like it the first time I heard it, but I'm going to listen to it again...hopefully it grows on me, b/c I love MJB!!!!

Literary`Musings said...

Yes, Mary J has come a long way. And finally she's into who she is--- emancipated! Enjoy the CD.

Unconquerable Soul said...

mary's album is a banger... i love TAKE ME AS I AM!!! that song is tuff!

Clay said...

i cant seem to get into that CD ... too overproduced and dont believe she cant hit those notes.

Ruben said...

"aint really love" is my favorite from this albu.

P. Alonzo Harris Jr. said...

it amazes me how these folks are able to cross over generation after generation....

Brother Jero (BJ) said...

Whoever you are you need to visit my site, we have almost the same blog name and the same exact topic posted on our most current blog.

So why don't we just cut the chase and do the necessary, am free on Saturday.

Great stuff though, impressive and you can be sure I will keep it here.


Curious1 said...

Word I like this album here I've got it. It still doesn't top her 1st or 2nd joints but I dug it. I can only really get into the first few tracks and a few others.

TRUTHZ said...

well i loved it so much i bought copies for the gurls and my sista... i love baggage cuz i am feeling that but my all time fav right now has to be So Lady...cuz that's how my Crush makes me feel so lady to the point i am trying to learn to walk in heels...yeah, better late than never...her album is totally DA BOMB..too bad J. Foxx's was a disaster.

Jamal K. Franklin said...

Um, you can keep that CD - lol. BTW, congrats on the new years resolution update!

Coming Into Reality,

TRUTHZ said...

where you been?????

Georgiapeach said...

Keep sending those emails girl!..lol. Love them.

lyre said...

Ok I am jealous cause I havent gotten any emails.

Shine said...

I Love it, Love it, Love it!!!

The only song I am not crazy about is Father in you, Something about that one doesn't set well with me.

Like Stephen I love Old Mary too, But there is definite growth in your music and lyrics now.

Anonymous said...

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lyre said...

I just bought Mary and drove all around to listen to it full blast. I LOVE THIS ALBUM> Thanks for recommending it.


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