March 8, 2006

Abortion Ban!

Have you read the news?!

Please tell me that you know about what South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds (R) has done!

He has just signed the abortion ban and it is scheduled to go into effect July 1, 2006.

South Dakota governor signs controversial abortion ban

CHICAGO (AFP) - The governor of the US state of South
Dakota signed a near blanket ban on abortion, including in rape cases, launching
a major challenge to a landmark 1973 Supreme Court ruling that made the
procedure legal.

The bill signed by Republican Governor Mike Rounds makes it
illegal to terminate a pregnancy except in rare cases when it may be necessary
to save the mother's life.

It grants no allowances for women who have been raped
or are victims of incest. It provides for criminal charges against doctors who
perform abortion. It also prohibits the sale of emergency contraception and
asserts that life begins at fertilization.

Rounds described the law as a "direct challenge" to the
Roe versus Wade decision of 1973, in which the US Supreme Court ruled that bans
on abortion violated a woman's constitutional right to privacy.



Can someone please explain to me how this is NOT unconstitutional?


Stephen Bess said...

I think that this system is set up to rob us of our constitutional rights inch by inch. They do it in the name of National Security, but it is really an excuse to invade/control our lives. So, I am not surprise by there decision to ban abortions. I feel that it is definitely unconstitutional and people should be crowding the streets right now in protest! Thanks for that info. I didn't know.

lyre said...

I must say jenellybean, understanding the past efforts of women to rid themselves of pregnancy, I still stand against abortion. He must have taken tremendous heat for this stand. I respect his tenacity.

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

I read and heard about this mess on the news. I just can’t even believe that they have the right to tell a woman what to do with her body!

I think that this is so outrageous. The only thing that is going to happen is people there are going to start having illegal abortions and traveling out of state if they have the money to.

With the illegal abortions, they the politicians are only asking for more trouble because many women will be dying and getting infections just like they did before Roe Vs. Wade!

I know that some people are against abortions, and those people should not have them. They have the right to feel that way. I also don't feel that they should impose their feelings, values, or beliefs off on other people. That's not right!

Ruben said...

I have a feeling that their will be violent, deadly reactions to these people presuming to speak for God and trying to infringe on the rights of others.

Anonymous said...

its very simple. you do not give the man the right to partake, they (white men) simply take the right from you. I think the abortion issue should be revised but not stripped. But don't look surprised, this was coming sooner or later

UnKnownDiva said...

What I want to know is who is going to raise all of those unwanted children? Who is going to monitor the already overpopulated / overly screwed up social system for the children living in foster homes and the ones actually being adopted where the foster/adoptive parents are only in it for the money. What about the millions of children who will be placed into abusive and unwanted situations because of this law?

P. Alonzo Harris Jr. said...

hey mum,

i hope all is well with you and yours. if the High Court hears the challenges to the ban in SD and those in other states that will soon be in place, it will put the Republicans in a corner they can't afford to be in this election cycle. with all that is going on, their party needs as much support as possible, and if the Court overturns Roe, then that is a large base of votes that will be shifted to Democrats. i would expect something to go down next year. this issue with be the key issue in the 2008 election, not this one.


lyre said...

hi jenellybean
new URL
and it is set to private so it wont b searchable. my daughter got into my private thoughts. LOL
Beryl AKA godbabymama

TRUTHZ said...

well the right to privacy is very limited and if the public interest outweighs the individuals right to privacy they can pass laws like this and the one that allows the government to tap our phone and our homes w/o our knowleged...however, i have to agree w/ the comment up above (too lazy to scroll up and get the is 330 in the morning) i don't agree w/ abortion esp as a birth control... abortion is not the answer to "unwanted babies" if you don't want a baby, don't have sex...that simple... and if you get raped then that's a bridge you need to cross when you get there. in this day and age when you have many preventive measures available to stop pregn... banning abortion should not b that big of a deal.

JenellyBean said...

Thanks for your comments to this post Y'all.

I chose not to respond to anyones Expressions on this issue, because everyone is entitled to their own opinion in regards to abortion and I just wanted everyone to let it out.

I hold my own very strong opinions on this issue

Once again thanks for the comments

ibrahim said...

abortion is a very sensitive subject and it's very difficult to support one position because it depend on each case.

lyre said...

I miss you!


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