October 25, 2006

He ain't heavy... he's my brother

So to kick off my return I'll start off with a Philosophical question.

This question comes from the readings Antigone by Sophocles an author of Greek Mythology.

In this reading, the King, his name being Creon, has announced to the entire city that the body of a man who was killed in war will be left unburried in the streets. His reasoning for this is that this man was an enemy of the state. The man he speaks of his nephew, his sisters son. Creon, the king, declares that any person caught trying to bury this man will be killed for doign so.
(Anyone who has read Oedipus Rex and Antigone would understand how twisted this story is)
But my question is:

if this man whose dead body has been left in the street for the animals to tear to shreds and the crows to feast off of was your blood brother, would you go bury him at the risk of being caught and sentenced to death for doing so?

It is not enough to just answer, express yourself fully. Why would you or would you not bury him?


"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

Interesting question!

I don’t know about this one. He’s my blood brother you say? Hmmm…I think the decision would hurt me, but I don’t think that I would risk my life for this. Risking my life to save someone is totally different than risking my life for someone that is already dead. Sure he would deserve to be laid to rest, but I don’t think I would risk being killed to do it, yak no what I mean?!?!?!

Stephen Bess said...

It would depend on how high my emotions are running at the time. How vexed is my spirit? In other words, it's difficult to say what I would do?

chele said...

There isn't anything I wouldn't do for any one of my brothers. I couldn't live with myself if I allowed my brother's dead body to go unburied. If I am to be killed because I tried to do the right thing for my brother ... so be it. If I'm going to be punished, let it be for something.

Welcome back.

JenellyBean said...

Thanks for the comments everyone....

If it were me, I'm not really sure what I would do because how could my uncle make such a personal edict.

It's not as if my brother is some peasant in the street. My brother is his sisters son; his nephew; his blood.

Who is responsible for burying the dead? Is it not the family?
Are we not the family?
Who else would go and bury a dead body, but the family?
So who is this law really an attack against?
I am the only one who would care enough to bury my own brother and with that I would probably bury my brother.


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