October 25, 2006

Oh How I Miss Blogging

It's crazy how there was a point in time when all I wanted to do was blog, but then with the business of my life I grew weary of it and no longer wanted to do it.

From time to time I would keep updated with those blogs that really interested me, but to sign in and make a blog post was beyond my reach.

Well here I am trying to blog again....
I hope my blog family hasn't abandoned me.

In any event alot has gone on since I last blogged in May, but I won't spend too much time recapping my entire life since then.

I will say that I am finishing up my undergraduate degrees (Political Science and Philosophy) this December and I will be attending Law School in September of 2007. I'm not sure where I will be going, but I am applying to Columbia Law school, NYU Law School, Fordham Law School, and a few others.

I have somemore good news.

I have lost 40 pounds since January and I look and feel great!
The photo at the top is my before and this is my after right here.

The whole diet and excercise things is amazing. It was lot's of hard work and I have a few more pounds to go before I reach my goal weight, but I'm very proud of myself.

In order to do something like this you have to be dedicated and motivated. Having a great support system like my Coco Puff and family and friends definately makes the journey a bit easier.

If theres anyone out there that needs any advice related to diet and excercise blog me, email me, or Instant message me.
I know soo much now. I'm thinking about becoming a physical trainer on the side.

So how should I kick off my return?
How about a philosphical question?
Yea.... thats what I'll do......

*to those of you who read this....thanks for not giving up on me. And to all the new comers, welcome!


Stephen Bess said...

It's great to see you back and looking fabulous! Don't drive the men too crazy. They have to study too. :)
Congrats on moving forward. I may need your legal services in the future. Peace and many, many blessings!

Anonymous said...

great job homie!

angeleyes said...

Jenelle!! How my goodness! Its great to hear from you and to even greater to hear how well uve been doing? I hardly blog myself these days so i know where ure coming from. I do always swing by your blog for updates and stuff.

Now I must say, you look amazing!!! I was just stunned when I saw your after picture!!! Great job gal and yes I will need some advice from you cause during the period when my dad was sick I gained like 20 lbs cause I was so stressed and when I crazy stressed I always just put out weight coz i dont take care of myself. Now to get rid of that 20lbs Im struggling. :( I'll tell you more when I email or msg you, but gal good for you!! Im so proud of you!!! It must have taken a lot of motivation and determination!! You rock!!!

So u might be going to nyu or columbia huh? Let me know the outcome. I was just in new york city at the end of september and when i was there in june i visited columbia's campus cause I knew someone that goes there. Its pretty. A really good friend of mine lives in manhanttan and goes to hunter university.

Anyway, great to hear from you!!!


JenellyBean said...

Heyyyy Brotha Stephen!!
Thanks for checking me out!!

Oh these men ain't worried about me. I go to a prodominantly white campus and I haven't met any white men that like Cocoa.
Let me not even get on the Brothas here....
I have my Coco Puff and he loves the new me. What he loves the most about the new me is that I love the new me. And that I stuck through it to get myself to a place where I'm really happy.

When I get where I'm going I will be to your avail at anytime.


Thanks for stopping by Dappa



How nice it is to have you stop by on my first day back!!!

You were in NY in JUNE and you didnt call me!!!!!!


Are you still in...Cali was it?
I still want to come visit.

20 pounds? Woah... why'd you do that to yourself? I know you were stressed, but you can't neglect yourself during the hard times baby.
We definately need to talk.

I've missed you though... maybe we can both start blogging again. Even if its just a thought you've had in your mind, put it up so we all can keep in contact with you.

Anonymous said...

Hi JB you look positively gorgeous!! I always came by to see if you had posted anything. Missed your blogs.. Thanks for the comment in mine too......

Delaleuverses said...

Wow, I must say congratulations on your weight loss, keep up the good work. I really would like to know how you did it, diet eating plan, etc. Please do e-mail me.

Great blog...I will come back again to read some more.

Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...

jenelleybean, I NEED to eml you, or better still here's my eml: ekbensah at yahoo.co.uk.

Among many of my other blogs, I serendipitously came across your blog whilst checking my tracker on my blog "Trials and Tribulations of a Freshly-Arrived Denizen" )http://ekbensahinghana.blogspot.com.

I have another blog called "Angry Enough to Change Myself"(http://angryenoughtochange.blogspot.com, where I occasionally chronicle my tribulations of losing weight. SInce I started in September, I've lost two kilos and put it back on:-(( Bad dieting, I know. I have been exercising regularly: walk with my dog; bike ride equivalent of 1km on average three days a week, etc. Still, nothing. My latest post (yesterday) got me REALLY angry to do something more radical about losing weight.

I REALLY would appreciate your help.

BTW, how long did it take for you to lose that 40pounds (circa 20kg)?. I'm in month three and though I have been told I am gaining muscle from the exercise and it weighs more and all that, I NEED to start losing more! STrike that: I need to start LOSING!!

Let's hear from you on either of my blogs and/or eml, please...thanks!

PS--you did FANTASTICALLY! and you look SOOOOOOO sexy. Those white guys are just being hypocritical!! If I might add, you looked sexy when you were heavy, too!;-))

Dancewithme2 said...

YOU LOOK GREAT!!! Keep up the routine!

JenellyBean said...

Thanks for your constant support Ali, I always check you out, even if I am the only one.


Hello Delaleuverses (how do you pronounce that?)

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the moral encouragement.
It wasn't easy and maintaining isn't easy either, but I'm doing what I have to do.

I will check you out when I have the chance and you can email me anytime for advice and pointers.

Please don't be a stranger to my place.


Hello Emmanuel, I see you left your mark all over my place--how exciting!

Now to your question:
How long did it take you to lose the 40 pounds?
It took me 8 months to lose the 40 pounds, January - August.

Of course I can help you out. I've actually been thinking about making nutrition advising into my part time career.

feel free to email me with questions JenellyBean@tmail.com

Thanks for the compliments too


Heyyyy Dancewithme2,

Thanks for the compliments mama.


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