November 29, 2006

Keeping It Healthy Wednesday

Good Morning everyone. I pray that all of you are blessed this morning. I got an idea from one of my blog family members Fallen Angel , to do some sort of consistent weekly posting. So today I will begin my very first entry in my Keeping It Healthy Wednesdays.

Thank you Fallen Angel and thank you all for supporting me.

Now to the post.

Reward Your Body

I was rereading my most recent copy of the SHAPE fitness and health magazine and I needed to share these words of inspiration with all of you.

"Your body is a gift, and you're fully responsible for it's upkeep. Instead of condemning it for what it isn't, try to accept it for what it is and reward it on a daily basis with proper food, exercise, and gratitude."

--Patricia Moreno
Fitness coach and founder of IntenSati, a weight-loss and lifestyle coaching company in NY

That was some great after Thanksgiving inspiration... ;-)


fallen angel said...

"keeping it healthy wednesday!" now THAT'S what i'm talking about! i've been thinking alot about my health lately, (even more so because my father's side has diabetes--"the sugar"). thanks for the reminder sis! i'm definitely gonna do better! :-)

and my apologies for staying away so long, it won't happen again! :-)

Wendy said...

After last week this is much needed. Sometimes we forget that our bodies are temples and don't take the best care of them. I know that I had been guilty for years, now that I'm older I am paying for all those years that I didn't exercise. But,I'm bringing sexy back!

Stephen Bess said...

Very important msg! I'll be tuning in.

urban butterfly said...

This is an awesome message! I'm one of those people who say "prevention instead of cure". Why not try to prevent sickness and disease by taking care of your body instead of trashing your body with a poor diet and lack of exercise and developing a disease that may not have a cure? I've come to learn that being healthy is a lifestyle. It's not only diet and exercise, but its your attitude as well! Stress, depression and similar things affect our body as well. This is good stuff! Thanks for sharing.

BluJewel said...

Thank you for the recent stop by and am glad you found my blog of interest. This particular post appealed to me greatly as I do strive for good physical fitness. I'm not obsessive; I just want to be fit and firm. It's additionally appealing because of the quote and it's one that I will print and share with my daughter and girlfriends.

Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...

hear hear! THis is very useful advice. Incidentally, Jennelly, don't mean to blow my horn, but I'd like it if you could check out my other blog here: Reflecting the eccentric world of E.K.Bensah, which caters more to a global audience. Hell, that's what most of my non-African readers read most. I understand commenting on the blog you have linked here on your blog might seem out of place, but it isn't,really. My blog is merely to give readers an insight into how I find my country after several years imbibing Western lifestyle and tell you the truth, Ghana goes overboard, at times, on Western culture, but our commissions are doing their best to scale that back so that it can become quintessentially the Black STar of AFrica as it has been since 1957 when it became the first country to attain independence from Britain on the african continent...pls lemme know what you think. Thanks...

African girl, American world said...

Hello fellow African. Thank you for stopping my my blog.

Feel free to stop by my regular blog whenever you feel like it

JenellyBean said...

Fallen Angel...
Thanks again for the inspiration. I'm glad you like it.
My father has "sugar" too.
And thats partly what prompted me to start living healthier.

Check out this post to see how far I've come




Urban Butterfly...

I agree with you 100%. Being healthy is a lifestyle change and until people are truly committed to change their lifestyle staying healthy will be very difficult.


You are welcome and thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you around often.

Not being obsessive is smart, and unfortunately it can be sooo hard to do for some. For a long time during my diet and I must admit even now, I can be really obsessive.

I'm glad you loved the quote and hope that your friends will enjoy it too.


Hey Emmanuel...
I checked out that blog and it definately suits me better then the other one. I'll be visiting more often now, hun.


Hey African Girl...

I'll check out your regular blog in a moment. Thanks for stopping by.


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