November 21, 2006

It's Time to Give Thanks

I am angered by how little Thanksgiving is advertised. Since September I've been seeing Christmas things all over the stores, and not until the beginning of November did the Thanksgiving decorations come out. And even still they were washed out by all the masses of Christmas adornments.

*That was my little anger moment.*

thanksgiving is the day we give thanks for all those things we are thankful for.

I'm on my way to New York to celebrate with my family. We usually have a light lunch together and then go from house to house showing our faces and filling our bellies.

Most importantly I give thanks unto the Lord for making it so I can see another Thanksgiving and for allotting me all those things I have. For blessing me with great family, good friends, and a prosperous life.

I give thanks this year, for my family. They have been supported of me through so many things.

I give thanks for having a wonderful Coco Puff that loves and cares for me and sticking by me through the good and bad and for being my number 1 supporter during my weightloss this year.

I give thanks to the women and men in my life that have been good friends to me; for being persons I can trust and depend on; for showing me a great time from time to time.

Now, tell me what you will be giving thanks for this year?
Also, where will you be spending thanksgiving this year?


Anonymous said...

We had our Thanksgiving last month but since you are our neighbours I'm sure you won't mind.

I'm thankful that I am able to get through another year still standing. My son who is my pure joy. I'm thankful for the friends and accquaintances I have made over the years who have been there through some dark moments with me..

I'm thankful that at long last I have a man who loves me flaws and all...

- and JB I'm thankful for you because if not for you no one would comment in my blog.. (lol)

Luke Cage said...

Great piece miss JenellyBean. I too have issues with the exclusion of Thanksgiving over Christmas.

I mean, pick and choose which one you like is fine with me, but can't we get through Thanksgiving first, before talking about Christmas? Like yourself, I was seeing Christmas decorations before Halloween, and that is blasphemy!

Anyway, I had a (depending on who you ask in my family) serious event happen in my life several months ago, so I guess that I should be thankful that I am still here. Although I didn't take it as serious as some, alot of things can wrong and that do go wrong.

I am totally thankful for that, and every beautiful day after. Have a great Happy Thanksgiving too okay?

chele said...

I'm having Thanksgiving at home with the kids. This is my day. I love love love Thanksgiving.

I'm thankful for life, health and strength.

I'm thankful for my parents and siblings.

I'm thankful for GOOD children.

Ruben said...

I'm thankful that this year has been much better for me than the previous one. So far no hardships or major mishaps.

lyre said...

I am thankful that you are back blogging!

JenellyBean said...

Hey Sista Alli...
Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October?
Interesting... I had no idea.
Whats the reason for that date?

You were thankful for some very good things.

Thank You hun! You are apart of my BlogFamily and family members have to check up on one another, wouldn't you agree?


Welcome Brother Cage...
I'm happy you share my anger on the whole Lack of Thanksgiving's time to shine thing.

I'm not sure if you're a believer in the Lord, but if you are then you know that regardless of the severity of the event he will get you through it.

Thanks for the wish, I had a very blessed and joyous Thanksgiving.


Heyy Sister Chele...
Having GOOD children is definately something to be thankful for. I just recently lost a cousin (2 weeks to be exact) and her body was laid to rest this past Saturday. She was 22 beautiful and living the fast life. She was murdered and left in a car 18 hours away from where her parents lived. Noone even knew where she had been for almost a year... so I know how blessed you are to have good children. (Not that she wasn't good, but she did things that lead her to the point where she is now. May she rest in peace)


Hello Brother Rueben...
Thats definately a wonderful thing to be thankful for.


Hey Mama...
That was sweet... I'm thankful that you have become a stronger woman.

Anonymous said...

JB we celebrate our Thanksgiving the second Monday of October . USA's is based more on the Pilgrims & Mayflower ours is based on the final bountiful harvest which generally occurs late September early October earlier than the States depending on what part of Canada you live.
Our holiday is not that disimiliar. We have the whole turkey thing, there is usually the Oktoberfest Parade our football games don't coincide around the holiday. Maybe a little more subdued than what yours might be but it gives families a chance to get together.
i think after yours there is a mad dash to shop, we don't have the same idea...

urban butterfly said...

I give thanks for my family. The older I get the more I realize how important family unity is. I also give thanks to God for life, because its so precious.


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