December 28, 2006

Daddy's ALWAYS right, right? #1

Now that I'm home living under my father's roof, I've begun to notice how insane he can be.
Let me stop lieing... I've ALWAYS known my father is crazy!

This man loves me to death--I am his Princess eventhough I'm not the baby or babygirl--but this man has issues.

My great father has inspired me to create a series of blog entries, they will all be titled "Daddy's ALWAYS right, right?" followed by the number of the post e.g. (Daddy's ALWAYS right, right? #2, Daddy's ALWAYS right, right? #3 and so on)

In these blog entries I will in no way disrespect my father, because I have the upmost respect for him, he is my father, he has provided for me and supported me all my life, but the man has issues and I need an outlet to express myself when he's getting the best of me, which seems like 3-7 times a day.

Some of the posts will be humerous to you at times other times it won't be. He's not always funny, he can be really mean. So each post will be based on actual events.

I will label each of the "Daddy's ALWAYS right, right?" blog posts with the label "My daddy" so if you miss a few (because there will be many) you can click on the label on any of them and all of them will come up.

I hope you enjoy the series

Daddy's ALWAYS right, right? # 1

On the morning of Christmas eve I woke up to get ready for church. I knew I had to drive 30 minutes or so to meet up with Coco Puff so I woke up early. I always eat breakfast in the morning because my whole body feels like it's been deprived of it's nutrients when I don't.

I put 3 eggs on the stove to boil while I showered. When I got out the shower I took the eggs off the stove, cracked them, and placed them in a plate to get dressed.

When I return to the kitchen ready to grab my eggs and get on the road, I notice that there are only 2 eggs on my plate.

*Didn't I make 3 eggs?*

"Who ate my egg?" I ask, as there were many culprits being that 6 people live in my house.

My father walks up to me and says "You woke up this morning and didn't make any breaksfast for me" as he grabs egg number 2 off my plate and stuffs it in his mouth.



Luke Cage said...

LMAO!!! Sorry luv, bet'cha won't be leaving no eggs boiling when you walk away to take a shower again now will'ya?

Wendy said...

I'm feeling your pain. I have a father who is ALWAYS right too. If I blogged about every incident I would need a new site. Just eat the cake Anna Mae...LOL!! Sorry:-)

Stephen Bess said...

Haa ha!! That's funny! This will be a nice series and a great tribute to papa.

JenellyBean said...

Brother Luke...
You got that right!


Sister Wendy...

So it's not only my dad?!?!?


Brother Stephen...
Thanks for the support.

lyre said...

Daddy get's up early!

Anonymous said...

Haha!! That's too cute!! =)

But...I hate eggs!! lol

Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...


COngratulations on your new job; I do hope you become rich--both intellectually, spiritually and morally;-))

This incident you've given us a peak into is simply reflective of the great relationship you share with your father. I really, really, really like it; am sure many daughters (and probably sons too) are envying you this snapshot like anything.

Hold onto that father of yours tight, babe!;-))


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