December 7, 2006

I Got My Degree... Now What?

Why is finding a job so hard!?

I'm graduating from college in about 2 weeks and since the middle of November I've been job hunting like a lion.

I've been on every website you can possibly imagine creating profiles, uploading my resume, and applying for any job with the word legal in it. I'm not joking, 3-4 days out of the week, I sit online for 2 hours straight searching jobs and sending out my resume.

I've sent out my resume to --I kid you not--over 100 places and only one has contacted me.
And guess what??

I didn't qualify for the position!!!!

There are hundreds of jobs out there, but yet, no one is contacting me back.
What's a poor girl to do?

I've gone to college and gotten 2 degrees and I can't get a job for the life of me. And I'll be damned if I continue working my menial retail job when I graduate. I deserve to make wayyy more then I make now and will not, I repeat will not work for less then $35,000 a year. Most certainly not after all the thousands of dollars I've paid to get my Bachelors.


Stephen Bess said...

Such a soft color on your blog and so feminine. :)Keep up the job search and I guarantee something will come up. I don't know what the starting salary is these days but your request seems reasonable. Peace~

fallen angel said...

i feel your frustration boo, but dont be too defeated just yet. what exactly is it that you're looking for? i mean, have you told friends/family to put their "feelers" out and keep you and the loop too? just wondering because i know we all know many different people in many different places, so hey, sit tight for a littel while longer--we'll ALL help you find something! ;-)

lyre said...

what is your area of mobility? I know the job market is good in Jacksonville for a bright girl like you! I'd love to have you down here. I know my daughter works for J&J with no degree she makes 33K. Starting teachers in Jax make 37K and we are the poorest around! Come on down!

If not I know you will be successful. one dya 20 of them will call you at once!

Janina said...

So Let me tell you it is not easy to find a job. It's just not. It took me 6 months after graduation before I landed my job. I thought I was going to slit my wrist if I didn't get one. I was tired of hearing the same ole "You need 5 years experience". But eventually it happened and I attribute it to who I knew not what I knew. Unfortunately, that's just how it is. Therefore my best advice for you, Ms. Jenelly Bean, is to NETWORK and you will eventually meet someone who has an in at a company you want to work for or at a company that has the position your looking for so keep resume's and business cards handy. This is the REAL WORLD sweetie.

Take care,


Luke Cage said...

I can only offer you this young lioness. It's all a process made to make you appreciate the entire ordeal when you finally land that job. And you'll be so grateful for having experienced this too. All your hard work and sacrifice will payoff in big dividends. Here's to you and your accomplishments..!

The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

don't worry...that's how the job search goes...keep doing'll find something

JenellyBean said...

Brother Stephen...
Glad you affirm the new template.
Thanks for the encouragement, I think my offer is VERY reasonable.


Fallen Angel...
I'm looking for any entry level position in a law firm, such as: Paralegal, Legal assitant, Administrative Assistant, Court Liason--and anyother position that I don't know about.

I'm also looking for any positon in the government in the public sector that will hire someone with a B.A.

I've told my friends and family and my father has put me on to a couple people. My girlfriend works as a paralegal now and she said that she will keep her ears open if someone gets dropped or if they start hiring again. My cousin put me on to a website where she got her job, and I've been applying and applying and applying.

And ofcourse, I've been searching and applying on my own.

Thanks for the support babez, I hope it is only just a little while longer.


Hey Mama...
Honestly, I want to be in NY, thats where I'm from and I don't find it wise to go too far from family if I'm not stable. I'm young and if things don't work out for me in another state, I'm either going to be stuck and have to deal with too much pressure, alone, and I'm not cool with that right now. They don't call me Princess for nothing.

But also, I don't want to fail. I have friends that have just jumped up and moved to other states and its not easy when you don't have a real plan, so before I go to another state, I want to make sure I have a job waiting for me so that I can support myself and good chunck of change saved prior to moving (at least 2 months rent) so that I can get a place and if things are tough at first, I'm financially stable.

I wouldn't mind coming to stay with you, Mama, and you know that, but I don't want to mooch either. I have nothing. I'm not joking, I have nothing to my name.

JenellyBean said...

Thanks for stopping by love, I hope to see you around more often.

I'm not feeling that at all!!

Thanks for the reality check babe.

I'm gonna start calling ALL my family and get them contacts ASAP.


Brother Luke...
Thanks for the kind words.
I'm not enjoying it now at all, but I guess you may be right. When I land the job, I'll be happy, but I can't imagine ever looking back at these hard times and saying "It was worth it", but thats just how I'm feeling now, you know?


Thanks hun, its hard not to worry though, and its much easier said then done, but I appreciate the support.

The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

okay shawty "Whats "MCK" and "PSTI"" those are the NASDAQ STOCK SYMBOLS of the companies....

Fantasyeyes said...

You will find that job you want. "You are not qualified" is a cop out. They know your worth and probably don't want to pay you that. Continue to look and it will come to you.


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