December 6, 2006

Keeping It Healthy Wednesday

Turn Envy into Inspiration

When you find yourself getting angry at the site of other women/men who are in great shape and/or possess something you wish to have...

You know what I mean ladies, when u catch yourself saying:
"I want legs like that"
"Ooh look at her hair"
"I wish I could be her shape"
"I really need to lose weight"

And fellas you know you do it to:

"I need to get bigger"
"I gotta hit the gym"
And my favorite --"I gotta work on my stomach"

Jealousy is a self-defeating behavior that can make you seek solace in something potentially destructive, such as alcohol or junk food.

Rather then envy her/him love yourself for who you are, then quickly get to work and do what is necessary to get your body in the shape that you would like. Don't be shy to ask her/him how they got that way. People ask me all the time:


Asking them how they did it is one step
Thinking of how you will do it is another step
Putting your plan into action is crucial!

If you say you will walk for 30 minutes everyday--you need to do it!

You don't forget to brush your teeth in the morning and you don't say you're too tired to wipe yourself after you use the bathroom--both of which are very important to your health.

So stop making excuses when it comes to putting in work to Keeping Yourself Healthy!


fallen angel said...

i find myself constantly looking at other women's asses because i was blessed with the (mis)fortune of having a FLAT ass! forget that myth that all Black girls got junk in the trunk! my trunk is locked and has been kicked shut!!! :-/

The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

preach sista...i hate to hear people...more than sistas have an excuse of why they are not/or don't want to get into shape...

Wendy said...

I like your new page!I agree everyone should try to be in the best shape they can be. However,if you are losing/gaining weight because you are envious of someone you are starting off on the wrong foot. "We don't need no hateration in this dancery." If you look good I'm going to give the compliment period. My weight lost came so I could be fineR!

lyre said...

I have to say that I have started once again. this time with realistic goals. 2 lbs a week. I started walking on December 1st with a goal of 8 lbs loss by January 1st. Wish me depterminatoin and persistance!

Anonymous said...

People need to get in shpae not to look good, but because their lives are at stake by not being in shape.

Jealousy is a dangerous feelng. Remember, thoughts can turn to action

Luke Cage said...

I took the scenic route to get here, but I made it miss JB. I began working out like a beast in the military and it continued when I got out.

But I continued to get bigger and much more weight than I cared to handle so I had to cut back on the muscle and do more cardio. It was essential if I was going to live deeper into my older days.

Not to mention the strain that extra strength puts on your heart and other parts of your body, an alternative way of living your life and eating will go a long way. kudos luv and a job well done. Looking forward to the next installment...


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