January 3, 2007

Keeping It Healthy Wednesday

8 cups a day can keep the FAT away!

Being healthy means living healthy and I'm sure most of you know that living healthy isn’t easy.
The first and what I feel is a change everyone really needs make is drinking water. It is really important that you drink 64 ounces (oz) of water daily. That’s 8, 8 oz glasses of water or 4 normal size bottles of Poland Spring water. Drinking water is a very integral part of your daily diet, because it helps to rejuvenate your body water supply. But most importantly drinking water daily can prevent you from a lot of serious health complications.

According to an article I read on viewzone.com people who drink too little water often suffer from constipation, dry and itchy skin, acne, nose bleeds, repeated urinary tract infections, dry and unproductive coughs, constant sneezing, sinus pressure and headaches.

The reason a lack of water can cause this wide array of symptoms is because water is required by every cell in the body as nourishment and to remove wastes. When water becomes scarce, the body tries to limit the amount of water it loses through breathing, mucous production, urination, perspiration and bowel movements.

Several cups of water are lost daily through breathing because the lungs require humid air to do their work. (On an average day in the 3-4 cups of water are lost through breathing. On a cold, dry winter day as much as 2-3 more cups of water may be lost through breathing.

The easy solution to all these is to drink more water. Coffee, tea, and soda all contain caffeine which is a known diuretic and will actually accentuate the symptoms of fluid loss. Fruit juices are more concentrated in sugar, than your body’s fluids and so the body will attempt to dilute them in the gut thereby causing a loss of water in the other areas of the body.

In addition to restoring the water in your body, drinking water is useful in flushing out the body of various toxins. Urination is required for the removal of these toxins. When fluid volume is diminished, the ability of the body to remove toxins through urination is also diminished. So this means, those of you who use the bathroom 2-3 times a day have a water deficiency and the toxin levels in your body are increased. The increase in body toxin levels can cause headaches and fatigue. The attempt by the body to remove excess levels of unwanted chemicals through the skin can cause acne and will aggravate eczema.

According to an article on CBN.com For those wanting to improve their weight you should know some facts about water.Water suppresses the appetite naturally. It helps rid the body of waste. Drinking enough water is the best treatment for fluid retention. The more water you drink the less water you retain. So if you want to lose weight drink plenty of water.
Beyond the recommended eight glasses of water per day, the over-weight person needs one additional glass for every 15 to 25 pounds that they wish to lose. For example, to lose 50 pounds you would need to drink 10 to 11 glasses of water per day.
The body will not function properly without enough water. It can’t metabolize stored fat efficiently. Retained water shows up as excess weight. To get rid of excess water, you must drink more water. Drinking water is essential to weight loss.

Personally, I drink over 64 oz daily and I use the bathroom 5-10 times per day. Yea, this can be pretty annoying because taking long trips are difficult for me and now that I have a 9-5 job, I realize how much time is spent going to and from the bathroom all day, but this is my body and drinking water is crucial to my health. Water definately helped me lose my 50 pounds.
You’ve seen the pictures and can tell that I have great skin—I don’t wear foundation of any kind on my face.

So how much water do you drink?
If you’re not drinking enough water—You need to start now!


Wendy said...

J I hate water. You don't understand. I cannot stand the taste of it. I have tried lemons. limes, orange slices. Even when it's iced cold. Then I tried carbonated water and realized I might as well be drinking soda. I would have lost so much more by now if I could get that water intake in. I'm going to try again, I bought this jug, it holds 64 oz. I keep saying to myself all I have to do is get this one down and I can call it a day. Wish me luck!

chele said...

I drink water everday ... maybe half the recommended amount. I'm working on increasing it though. I don't know I never attributed my dry skin to not drinking enough water. I'll give it a shot. Great topic.

Stephen Bess said...

I've been drinking a lot more water recently. These were interesting facts about water. There were some that I already knew and others that I didn't. So, thank you! Here's to good health! :)

lyre said...

I fill up a big 1 liter bottle and drink 2 or 3 of them a day.

Anonymous said...

WOW those are some serious water facts....I do also try to drink the needed doseage of water but this article encourages and inspires me to take it more seriously. Thanks Fudgums(to think this was free info)


fallen angel said...

OVER 64 OZ. A DAY?!?!?!? uh, hell naw. water sucks. yeah yeah yeah, i know it's good for me and my body is mostly made up of it but still... :-S

Blu Jewel said...

water is my primary beverage and I'm rarely short of drinking the required amount at minimal. I've been known to go through at least a gallon from time to time. I also drink mineral water which is also good for the body as it contains trace minerals the body needs. Though I'm already a drinker, this is still good information.

JenellyBean said...

Sister Wendy...

What you mean you hate water?? Are you serious?? Water doesn't even have a taste for you to not like.

You try girl... try, because water definately will assist you in your weightloss.


Sister Chele...

That's very good that you drink water, it may not be the recommended amount, but you definately get props for drinking water.


Brother Stephen...

You are on your way to Keeping It Healthier Now!



You go girl!!!


Coco Puff...

I'm glad you have been inspired to drink more water. I know that you have been trying to drink more water for a while now.


Fallen Angel...

Tsk Tsk Tsk

You should be ashamed of yourself missy!!



That is great that you make sure you are getting your water in.

Dancewithme2 said...

I decided to start my water all day regimen a few months ago..and jsut haven't actually started it yet. I even took my HUGE water bottle to work. I'm starting today - I'll keep you posted.

Rosemarie said...

I live in the state of Arizona (the dry heat state) where water is a serious necessity! However, after the birth of my daughter two years ago I've become to really like Iced Tea as a beverage with my lunch and dinner. I drink a cup of decaf in the morning. Therefore, since the weather here is favorable (less than 115 degrees) I consume most of my water intake after the midnight hour while I'm on the computer.

I think if I reduced or omitted the high calorie intake of Iced Tea my baby fat would melt!

Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...

Hey JenellyB,

a little mystery: despite the fact that due to the xmas hols my family and I were eating quite late (evening meals around 9.30pm!!!)I STILL have lost 2kgs!! (just under 1lb) During this period, I was drinking plenty of...WARM...water, as in water that was not cool. We're in the cool season, where temperatures have dropped some ten degrees, so it's not so hot, but I was drinking this type of water in part due to a bad and dry cough.

Coupled with that was my Dad's recommendation to drink cider vinegar and honey EVERY morning. I know apples contain pectin, which burn fat. So, I really am clueless as to whether it was the plenty of water I was drinking, or the cider vinegar-honey combo; or a combination???

either way, I am very satisfied with how my weight is going, and I have picked up on regular exercise, even if I missed it this morning...

thanks for this advice!;-)
BTW, you're talking about your bf looking fine, YOU're the one looking SO SO fine, J!;-))


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