January 3, 2007

New Years Party

I promised some pics from the New Years Club...

Coco Puff and I getting photographed by the Papparazzi!

My girlfriend from college getting down on her man.

Getting wayyy down!!

Isn't she lovely??

It's got to be ILLEGAL to look like that FINE!!



Rethabile said...

Looks like lots of good fun. Hope 2007 will be just as good.

Wendy said...

Nice pictures! You guys make a good looking couple. So how is day two going?

JenellyBean said...


Welcome to my blog for the very first time. I encourage you to be an integral part of my blog and I welcome silent readers as well.

I sure did have good fun. A little too much fun! Didnt get home til after 6 am and then woke up at 10 am. and didn't get to nap the entire day.



Thanks! Everyone keeps telling me that Coco Puff and I look related.

Day 2 was serious!! (I emailed you all the details, but just so everyone else can see what was said)

Day 2 was good. I'm still training, so it's going as smooth as it can considering I'm not a business major.
The real issue is waking up @ 6 for a 9-5. When I get home it's after 6pm and I have only a few hrs before bed time, so there was little time for myself last night.
I'm very hungry when I get out also, because I have lunch from 12-1 and then don't eat until I get home (sometime after 6) and my metabolism is racing because of my diet, so my stomach gets pissed off with me
and causes me pain. It takes very little to fill me, but soon after I'm hungry again.

Stephen Bess said...

Wow! Your girl was...she look like she was having fun! :)You and your man make a nice looking couple. You're beautiful. Happy New Year and peace~

Stephen Bess said...
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fallen angel said...

MAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNN! everywhere i went this break, they played that damn jim jones song OUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!! all them damn "shots" people been tossing--some of yall should have an NBA deal!!!!

Blu Jewel said...

looks like a fun time was had by all; some (college friend) more than others...lol

JenellyBean said...

Brother Stephen...

Yea she was DEFINATELY having a good time! :-)
Thank you kindly.


Fallen Angel...

You are sooo silly!
They definately do play that song on the radio alot, but when you go to the club, you only hear any given song once, so its not bad.





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